3. 1 Billion Euro Additional Credit Received to Complete the Airport

In order to complete the first phase of the Third Airport construction, 1 billion euro additional loan was obtained from the banks. The loan amount received thus reached 5,5 billion euros. The President states in his speeches that the Third Airport will open on October 29. It is estimated that the additional loan was taken to keep the construction up.

In the news that Bloomberg was based on four people who knew his new borrowing plan, he received an additional $ 1,2 billion in loans to complete the first phase of the Third Airport.

The 5-company consortium consisting of Cengiz, Kolin, Limak, Kalyon and Mapa, which undertake the construction of the airport, stated that the limit allocated within the scope of the 2015 billion euro loan agreement signed by İGA in 4,5, the consortium wants the agreement to remain confidential, unnamed sources. Expressed by.

The new loan agreement was concluded on Wednesday evening following the Central Bank's high interest rate hike decision.

İGA's demand for two-year delays in lease payments to the government in April, Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that they are looking forward to the postponement of the two-year lease calculated as minimum 2 billion euros.

A total of 4.5 billion Euros were provided from six banks, namely Ziraat Bank, HalkBnk, VakıfBank, DenizBank, Garanti Bank and Finans Bank for the first phase of the third airport to be constructed in Istanbul. With the six banks in question, IGA signed an 16 year term financing loan with four years of non-payment.

The lion's share of the 1 billion 480 million Euros was attended by Ziraat Bank and Vakıfbank 960 million Euros, DenizBank 500 million Euros, Garanti and Finansbank with 300 million Euros.

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