Giant Credit for Antalya 3rd Stage Rail System Project

Roads that are closed within the scope of Antalya Stage Rail System Works
Roads that are closed within the scope of Antalya Stage Rail System Works

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, with the giant budget projects to direct the future of Antalya, the successful financial policies and money management and international financial institutions are closely monitored by. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has become a municipality with high credibility, has been providing funds from international organizations for investments. Among these organizations, the World Bank, the IFC Metropolitan Municipality 3. It provided 140 million euros for the Stage Rail System Project. IFC announced his pleasure to this cooperation with the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality with a video.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, which builds the future of the city, draws the attention of international institutions and organizations by implementing giant budget projects. With the projects such as 'Konyaaltı Beach and Living Area, Tünektepe, Boğaçayı, Cruise, Port, Solar Plants, Solid Waste Electric' production, it is a means to increase the welfare level while stimulating the urban economy and hiring tens of thousands of people. While the Metropolitan Municipality adds value to the value of Antalya with its budget realization, fiscal policies and money management over 90, these successes are closely followed by many international financial institutions, especially the World Bank.

IFC announced its satisfaction to the world

3 between Varsak-Zerdalilik. The International Finance Corporation (IFC), which provides the financing of the Stage Rail System Project, will be able to obtain 1 penny security without incurring 1 penny. He gave loan to Antalya Metropolitan Municipality for Stage Rail System Project. IFC has announced to the world its satisfaction with this collaboration with its 3 video. The video published in IFC's website and social media accounts of the World Bank is praised by Antalya and its investments.

Antalya Turkey's fastest growing city

In the video in which the International Finance Corporation, the credit institution of the World Bank headquartered in Washington, expresses its satisfaction with this cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the 3rd Stage Rail System Project; “Some cities in the world grow fast. Turkey's tourism capital Antalya is one of them but this is not a bad thing. The rapid growth of the city offers more economic opportunities for those living in Antalya. " statements are included. It is emphasized that the density of traffic caused by the rapid growth and urbanization in Antalya was resolved with the tram lines that Antalya Metropolitan Municipality made a mistake.

There are many projects to be done in Antalya

In the video prepared by IFC, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Türel also made statements. Pointing out that traffic is a major problem in all major cities of the world such as New York, London and Paris, Türel said, traf The first priority of the solution of the traffic problem in metropolitan cities is to make public transportation attractive. We are trying to provide economic and social development of the city. Therefore, there are many projects to be done in Antalya birçok.

IFC also provided important consulting services

Chief Advisor of Metropolitan Municipality Av. Caner Şahinkar also stated that ede ICF provided not only financial support to the Metropolitan Municipality, but also provided us with important consultancy services in order to maximize the security level of the existing lines and the new line, to make the environmental impacts most positive and to make a new project. Anlat he says.

IFC sets an example for financial institutions

The principle is based on confidence in the economy movement in Turkey and that shows with loans provided by the trust in the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality IFC, the recent credit his seeing secure the economy of our manipulations while countries on the exchange agreements and video voiced satisfaction that it heard was an example for other financial institutions.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel This loan is a result of the trust in our country. While manipulations have been carried out on foreign currency recently, IFC announced to the world on social media and other channels its belief in the production, investment, growth and employment power of our country with the video they prepared.

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