Closed Stations Are Placed in Diyarbakir Districts

The city and the districts of the public transport services to benefit from the smooth operation of the Metropolitan Municipality, Ergani, Cermik, Çüngüş, Dicle, Hani, Kocaköy and the city of Diyarbakir to connect the bend routes 80 units placed closed stops.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to work in the city center and districts in the public transportation area, places closed stalls on the road routes connecting the districts to the city center in order to ensure that the citizens are not affected by adverse weather conditions while waiting for public transportation. Teams, so far, Ergani, Cermik, Çüngüş, Dicle, Hani, Kocaköy and the Diyarbakir road routes that connects the townships of Diyarbakir 80 units placed closed stops.

Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, total of 22 to Diyarbakır - Ergani highway 15, Diyarbakır - Çermik 17, Diyarbakır - Dicle 12, Diyarbakır - Hani 8, Diyarbakır - Kocaköy 3, Diyarbakır - Çüngüş 3 and Diyarbakır - Eğil highway. placed closed stops. Citizens who are waiting for public transport with the installation of closed stops will not be affected by adverse weather conditions.

160 closed stall to be placed further

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, which placed 7 units closed station in 80 district in the first place, will place 160 units closed stations in the areas determined in other districts as a result of its field work.

Apart from stopping work, the teams also repair broken signposts showing the settlements on the road routes so that the traffic of the vehicles is smooth.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 16:58

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