Mayor Karaosmanoğlu: '' Everyone knows that service is our business ''

Due to the support provided by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for the students and discounted passengers in Kocaeli within the scope of “Development and Improvement of Public Transportation Services özel together with private and public operators throughout the city, Lokman Aydemir, the new cooperative president of Lokman Aydemir and the new management of the Union of Turkish World Municipalities and Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Karaosmanoğlu emphasized once again that thanks to the signed protocol, students will be able to use the city transportation cheaper than 5 percent., Good luck for our tradesmen and students. We got a nice result with a nice joint work. ”


In the signed protocol, Metropolitan Municipality, Provincial Directorate of National Education, Kocaeli University, Gebze Technical University, Kocaeli Drivers and Automobile Chamber of Craftsmen and Kocaeli City Chamber of Minibus and Busmen Tradesman Chamber has explained that the contribution of the President, os From infrastructure to environment, superstructure, economy, social, We have put forward many services from services to transportation. As you know, Kocaeli has become a city with a growing population due to both being a university city and an increasing attraction. Therefore, we need to produce solutions with more convenient, more comfortable and more economical transportation opportunities. We rejuvenate our buses used in domestic flights and rapidly increase our service quality. Today, we serve our people with environmentally friendly, air-conditioned, library and buses suitable for disabled people. We put Akçaray into service. Now we're adding him a new line. On the other hand, we will take the first excavation of our Gebze subway in a short time. Sarf


Kocaeli Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu emphasized that oda It was very important for the transportation of the relevant chambers and cooperatives to be with us and to be with us,, olun Thank you, you have done your best. And we were able to come to this day with this union. We are the capital of industry. We have very important efforts at the traffic point where there are hundreds of thousands of people and vehicle movements daily. However, we, as Metropolitan, are determined to solve all these problems and to realize our 2023 and 2071 targets unanimously. All the projects we have developed, the investments we have realized, are for the comfortable and comfortable transportation of our citizens. We equip Kocaeli with bridges, tunnels, squares, boulevards and smart systems. Within the framework of 2023 Transportation Master Plan Decisions, we do not slow down transportation investments. Kocaeli's central city identity is reinforced with new roads, huge projects, and bridged bridges that the envy of the world has built. Yap


“High Speed ​​Train Line shows the bright future of Kocaeli,” Karaosmanoğlu said. “Both the metropolitan and the government, our service and investment mobilization to Kocaeli continues. Now everyone knows that service and municipality is our business. It is our job to make life easier for our nation. Making roads, making roads, winning hearts is our business. See what a nice tram service was. We now have a transport system that transports 30 thousand passengers a day. Everyone is pleased with 7 to 70. The satisfaction of our people makes us happy. We have a subway project next. I recently mentioned it in our Investment Agenda program. We have completed 91 percent of our promises. After that, we will try to complete the remaining 9 percentile. Although 9 may seem numerically low, these are investments that will add brand value to our visionary city. Yüzde


Karaosmanoğlu also mentioned the following for the protocol which was realized in cooperation with our two universities, Provincial Directorate of National Education and chambers related to the sector: unuz You know that we have not been raising student bus fees for two years. We are already trying to support our brothers and sisters who are trying to read and execute their lives with small budgets. However, on the other hand, we do not victim our trades. This protocol is based on satisfying all parties. With this protocol, we aim to make our students and discounted passengers using public transport less affected by the increasing transportation costs. In this way, we aim to benefit our city economically and socially by increasing public transport usage rates. Tı


Os We will also try to evaluate the academic accumulation in public transport activities in order to create an economic and efficient business model in order to make the technological innovations used in public transportation services sustainable ”, and said,“ We ​​will do this in cooperation with our universities. In order to improve the quality of public transport services, we will take surveys and suggestions of our youth and develop new projects. Everything is for Kocaeli, for a more beautiful peaceful life. I hope once again that the protocol we have signed will be auspicious auspicious on behalf of all parties and our city. ” Salih Kumbar, Head of Public Transportation Department of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, accompanied the visit.

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