Ankara-Istanbul YHT Route Should Be Selected According to Criteria

Duzce University Faculty of Business Administration Lecturer. Hakan Murat Arslan member of the high-speed train route, alternative lines can be selected according to certain criteria found important explanations.

Dr. voicing his views on the decision-making studies, Dr. . Nowadays, high speed train (HSS) systems have been developed to meet the demands of comfort and confidence, as well as the minimum travel time among people. In our country, new bridges, airports and tube passages are constructed in order to meet such needs. These future-oriented projects also include YHT lines. In this context, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry, TCDD General Directorate of by projected Ankara-Beypazarı-Nallıhan-Akyazı-Sakarya-Istanbul YHT line in terms of Turkey's future is clear that a very important move. However, it is clear that the authorities ignored the fact that there are different routes, especially in terms of social benefit, from a broader perspective. Ancak

This important move should convince all segments of society in terms of social and economic benefits. Lecturer. Hakan Murat Arslan, a member of the study, therefore three additional routes were proposed outside the line projected by the ministry. These alternative routes; history, infrastructure and economic aspects of the nine criteria according to different decision analysis method underlining the faculty member, especially at each stage of the study. Dr. Ayhan Şamandar said that he benefited from his studies on YHT. In addition, our faculty member added that numerical methods based multi-criteria decision analysis methods should be used as this study contains many criteria.

Ankara-Gerede-Bolu-Düzce-Sakarya-İzmit-Gebze-Istanbul Route is First
In his analysis the authorities and Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Ayhan Şamandar stated that the studies are based. In Arslan's numerical methods-based scientific study, he shared that alternative HRC routes identified nine criteria and four alternative routes. These criteria; Dir The Status of the Route on the Fault Line is the criteria such as Parallelism to the Istanbul-Ankara Motorway and how many Thousands of University Students can benefit. The determined alternative routes are; A1: Ankara-Gerede-Bolu-Duzce-Sakarya-Izmit-Gebze-Istanbul, A2: Ankara-Beypazari-Cyprus-Bolu-Duzce-Sakarya-Izmit-Gebze-Istanbul, A3: Ankara-Beypazari-Nallihan-Akyazi-Sakarya- Istanbul and A4: Ankara-Polatli-Eskisehir-Bilecik-Sakarya-Izmit-Istanbul (Currently Working Line) are four. ”Arslan, who explained in the form, said alternative routes are based on nine different criteria, multi-criteria decision analysis methods Analytical Hierarchy Process, Gray Relational Analysis and Smart methods were evaluated separately.

According to the results of the analysis; A1: The Ankara-Gerede-Bolu-Düzce-Sakarya-Izmit-Gebze-Istanbul route was the first. Arslan, pro A3: Ankara-Beypazarı-Nallıhan-Akyazı-Sakarya-Istanbul YHT line planned by the Ministry will be reviewed by the authorities and the project will be; he emphasized the need to review it many times in terms of its historical, sociological, economic and social benefits.
Istanbul-Izmit-Sakarya-Duzce-Bolu-Ankara Railway Line must be Projected and Works Start
In terms of the directions mentioned, the authorities should also consider alternatives other than planned. Lecturer. Hakan Murat Arslan; Başlan It is necessary to take lessons from historical documents and events, and to prepare the project of İstanbul-İzmit-Sakarya-Düzce-Bolu-Ankara railway line, which has been on the agenda many times. Since this route is approved projects of the eminent sultans such as Sultan Abdülaziz and Abdülhamit Khan, it should be preferred again for our past. In addition, Istanbul-Izmit-Sakarya-Duzce-Bolu-Ankara line will serve more population and students; universities on these provinces will become more preferable and there will be very good developments in the scientific sense. bu

Expressing that this project will be carried out, the extremely dense population of Istanbul will spread eastward, and said that the project will have a shorter time to compensate for its own costs as more people will benefit from the project. Underlining that the routes determined are on the fault line, A1: Istanbul-Izmit-Sakarya-Düzce-Bolu-Ankara route is much less risky than other alternatives, especially compared to the planned route, Hakan Murat Arslan, A1: Istanbul-Izmit-Sakarya-Duzce -Bolu-Ankara route in terms of its parallelism to Istanbul-Ankara highway; He emphasized that in case of an accident or malfunction, it is important in terms of low loss of life and short repair time.

Parallelism to the highway will make the construction of the YHT route easier, Dr. Lecturer. Hakan Murat Arslan, li Because the material will be much faster. The natural nature balance results in the YHT project without further deterioration; For the present highway, nature has already been made available on a certain line. h

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