What is Bartın Rail System Project

Mayor of Bartın, Cemal Akın, met with members of the press and evaluated the services that 9 performed during its annual mission. President Akın, who cut the cake with the journalists, said, kes We wish to reach many years together and serve you Gaz.

Bartın Mayor Cemal Akın in the Municipality of 9. and 2. During the period of the day, he met with the press at dinner.

Bartın Mayor Cemal Akın said in his speech: “It is my 9th year at the mayor and today is the day I received the certificate. We have worked together up to now, side by side, I was hoping that we did good things. When we were candidates for the mayor, we came out with 2 projects, but later there were 52 projects with additional projects. 90 percent of these 90 projects are over, 62 percent of them are over, and 69 percent will be finished at the end of this period. 15 percent of these projects could not be realized. These projects are; As Gazi Secondary School said that we will do the underpass project to the Highways, we couldn't do it, we could not do the e-zoning project because the development plan was not finished, we said that we would make the Women's Shelter House, and we could not do this because it was now the directorate affiliated to the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. Starting from the University, which is one of our long-term projects, we had a rail system project that roamed Bartın, and we put it in the zoning plan, but it would take 16-5 years. However, we would never have done this if we had not put it into the development plan. In other words, these projects could not be realized because they were forward-looking and some of them were made by other institutions. Otherwise, they couldn't be done because we suspended our projects. ”

“On May 5th at Bahçeli Bartın”

Mayor Cemal Akin who stated that they will realize the works completed in Bartın with a collective opening ceremony, said that MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli would come to Bartin. Akin, he said.

“There are places we need to open on 5 May because if God gives it, there will be no problem in the country. Devlet Bahceli is coming to Bartin. The collective opening ceremony will be held, the program has not become clearer. Kaynarca Sports Complex and Life Center are among the projects we will open in bulk. The work here is almost finished. As Kavaklı Life Center, Women's Counseling Center, Sharing Center, Home Care Social Service Center, we have also strengthened and adapted the 4 Fire Department which we will do together. Here, the citizens who are over a certain age or who cannot take care of themselves will be cleaned at home, personal care will be done, and we will take care of their hot meals and treatments every day. Sharing Center will also be distributed clothes to those in need. We have assigned a friend to the Sharing Center, which will be the responsibility of our Culture Directorate, and they are now working, going to the mukhtars and identifying the needy. I hope this place will be put into service in May 5. We have moved our Directorate of Parks and Gardens to the new area of ​​7, which has an area of ​​thousand square meters, in the Industrial Zone. Kanlıırmak Walkway will also be opened with lighting. Hopefully the works in the Inkumu İskele neighborhood will be completed by May 5. We will open 10 shops on the street just behind Gazhane Park and build Culture and Art Street where our local products will be sold. The 2 square meter Kavallar Living Center, which is located in a thousand square meter area, will also be finished. With the relocation of the Directorate of Parks and Gardens, we will make a social area just like Yalı Sevgi Park. Again in the same shade there is an empty area of ​​3 thousand 500 square meters where the construction of the Traffic Training Center will begin. We planned to conduct such a study in order for our children to take the best possible traffic safety at an early age and to take precautions against possible dangers. In the Traffic Training Park, which we will establish here, we will play as a representative on foot what we need to pay attention to in traffic. We will be instrumental in educating our children visually in the field. Projects have been done and hopefully will be done as soon as possible. We're gonna build a little overpass here. The old abattoir building of the Municipality of Bartın, located on the Mezbaha Street of Gölbucağı Neighborhood, will also be transformed into a Barrier Art House. We are very happy that this building, which belongs to our municipality and is not used, will be opened for use for a very useful purpose. It will be our greatest joy to be a partner to the happiness of our children and special people who will be educated in our Barrier-Free Art House to be opened here. Already we are excited and carefully follow each stage of this place we will focus on meticulously completing the best way to serve. This project was prepared for the tender. I hope the work will be completed soon after the start.

“Hopefully, we will bring these museums to life and bring them to Bartın. kazanwe will go"

Bartin 145 park, 400 kilometers and 600 kilometers pavement, explaining that they do President Cemal Akin, said.

“We have made 145 parks, 400 kilometers of roads and 600 kilometers of pavement so far. We spent 50 million liras in cash on the roads we made. In other words, in fact, it is a huge amount of money according to the projects we have mentioned, and we see these studies as one project. The building of the Air Tavern had to be strengthened. We demolished this building and we will rebuild it and turn it into a conservatory. There will be many courses in this conservatory and it will be a very modern building. This project is one of our projects to be carried out in 3 years if the Mayor's Office grants us again. I will be or someone else, but projects have to come out. These are not fake things, they will be 380-storey buildings from 7 square meters. Again, studies for the Bartın Municipality Science Center project continue. A total of 600 square meters of 2-storey center will be built in Karaçay. We will do this with TÜBİTAK or the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology or our own equity capital. We will build a water museum for Çağlayan. It will be a 500-storey museum with a total of 2 square meters and a thousand square meters, and I have not seen a sample in the world. We will build a technological water museum. It will cost a little, but we do it with the permission of Allah. We have finished a job that is both difficult and gossiped. The road work never ends. Because as we do, our roads deteriorate very quickly due to the construction work of our contractors. Bartın is growing, and within 9 years, Bartın doubled as a building and population. For this reason, road works do not end, but we do not have any work other than troubled works in the infrastructure. The part from TOKI to Kaynarca Life Center in natural gas remains, butchers and Yemenicilar Sokak behind the Government Street. We couldn't do it because the shopkeepers said 'No need, President, you do it next year'. We have a space left by the Blacksmiths and Tıyırtı, except for that, if nothing happens, everywhere is over. These remaining places do not reach 2 kilometers, we have completed 3 kilometers in a year. After that, whatever God said, whatever the nation shows is what happens. I hope it will be good to serve us again. ”

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