1915 Passing Bridge Without Opening

CHP Central District President Ali Uyanık answered the words of AKP Central District President Gültekin Yıldız regarding the 'Green Local Administration and Cultural Center Building'. "Yıldız should leave the city hall and answer our questions," said Uyanık, and claimed that citizens would pay a toll even if they did not use the Çanakkale 1915 Bridge, which is still under construction. "

Gültekin Yıldız, President of AKP Central District, stated in his statement about the construction of Çanakkale 1915 Bridge that pr Green Local Administration Building, is still not completed. I Does the Çanakkale 1915 Bridge or the Municipal Service Building end first? X. Yıldız's remarks came from CHP Central District President Ali Uyanık. In his statement, he said, Yıldız should answer questions related to the 1915 Bridge before the city hall. He said that he was not shared with the public on the grounds that 'bridge tolls and the companies that undertake the construction and operation of the bridges are guaranteed daily. Before the construction of the bridge to the tolls, such as a hike to TL 25 ticking, stating that; ”We are planning to abandon the construction of the City Hall and to provide a satisfactory explanation for these issues to the people of Çanakkale,“ he said. In his statement, he stated that the questions about the bridge were not answered clearly. Sn The ruling party is the AKP head of Çanakkale Central District. Stars, Çanakkale Municipality is trying to build its own efforts in an effort to build the friendly city hall, and primarily expect to inform our people on these issues. Unfortunately, the answer to the two questions above has not yet been clearly demonstrated. Çünkü

“We'll pay money even if we don't pass“
Uyanık claims that tolls have been raised due to the rising exchange rate without opening the bridge; I The first reason for this uncertainty is that the bridge toll is determined not as Turkish and Turkish currency, but as the currency of European countries, which is constantly jealous of our country. The second reason is that the companies that undertake the construction and operation of bridges are not shared with the public. As you know, Prime Minister Sn. Binali Yildirim's 'Gallipoli' is no longer in the history of Çanakkale. All kinds of passes are becoming v 'in the form of his witty style of the fee announced by the 15 Euro + VAT was determined. According to 25 October on the date of October.2016 by the Prime Minister, 1 Euro corresponds to 3.35 TL according to the Central Bank data. In other words, since it has been announced, the bridge toll has been increased by 5 TL without opening the bridge. In this context, considering the fragility and instability in our economy, it is necessary to be the famous priest Baba Vanga, known as Nostradamus of the Balkans, in order to estimate the toll of the bridge in 25.

Açıklama We invite you to make a satisfactory statement “
Finally, even if the citizens do not use the bridge to pay wages Awake; Tır Moreover, the commitment of the General Directorate of Roads to the project owner companies on how many vehicles will be passed on the bridge has not been shared with the public. Obviously, on the 3 Bridge, as in the 1915 Bridge, the cost of the vehicles that are not crossing the bridge to complete the guarantee given to the companies will be out of the citizen's pocket. In other words, our people will pay even if they pass through the bridge or not. Yıldız left the construction of the City Hall; We invite the people of Çanakkale to provide a satisfactory explanation on these issues. bu

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