Minister Arslan: Van Transportation is at an Important Crossroad

Minister Arslan: “We care about Van's access to Iran, Istanbul's, Edirne's, Kırklareli's access to Europe, overseas and overseas access to other neighboring countries.”

During his speech at the meeting held by the Van Force Cooperation Platform with the “Transportation” agenda, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications gave information about the transportation sector and transportation investments in the province of Van.

Armstrong, in his speech that it is a bridge between Turkey between Europe and Asia, but if they give the right to the bridge, said the country would remain at the so-called long as they make it a part of the international corridor said:

”75 has a shipping bill of billions of dollars“

“There are about 3 billion people that our country can reach within 4-1,5 hours of flight distance. This is an important advantage for business people. The gross domestic product that it created in the geography of these 1,5 billion people is about 36 trillion dollars. We can reach this region in three hours. There is a trade volume of billions of dollars from this product and a transportation cake of 75 billion dollars. ”

Expressing that they want to bring added value from transportation to the country, Arslan said that they thought big projects for this, said:

"We have a goal of providing international transport corridor through Turkey"

“We care about Van's access to Iran, Istanbul's, Edirne's, Kirklareli's access to Europe, traveling overseas, and accessing other neighboring countries from the north. It is not right to reach across the border, it is important to connect it with the right transportation corridors within the country. This is what we do. Today we're talking about 26 thousand kilometers of divided road is to ensure the international transport corridors that pass over Turkey. As of today, we have tied 76 provinces together, and in two years we will have removed it with 81. ”

Laştır It is important to integrate the land, iron and sea routes of transportation,

Highways corridors of the importance of complementing each other, but in Turkey, lined on three sides with them to sea ports, harbors the railway network with Armstrong pointing to the importance of linking, transportation land, to integrate the iron and sea routes with each other, to increase the people's travel comfort, providing savings in terms of time and He noted that it is important for the country's economy to grow.

M The development of universities in the region is directly related to transportation and access “

In order to reach people in long distance, airline transportation is also very important, and now there is a university in each province, and the faculty members can go on a day trip. Noting that the development of universities in the region is directly related to transportation and access. erek

Van, with its Vangoli center in the transportation corridor ulaşım

Explaining that Van has an important advantage with its lake, at the same time, it is an important junction, transportation corridor center in the region in order to be able to go to Nakhichevan and Russia via Van, in the region, its proximity to Iran, its proximity to Iraq and Syria. he said:

“Because we are aware of this, we have done very important works in the field of transportation in Van in 15 years. Just as the Ministry, the amount of investment we made in Van in 15 years is 5 billion 181 million liras. The Lifeguard Tunnel also concerns Van. Van is an important region that will connect the Black Sea to Iran, Iraq and Syria as the 18th corridor in the north-south axis. We are building 7 thousand 900 meters tunnel to Van. Project work has started in the Tendürek Tunnel, two tubes will be 5 meters. ”

Ler Negotiations are under way for the launch of passenger trains with Iran “

“We increased the capacity of 50 wagons with the two train ferries we made. Besides, it has been able to carry 350 passengers. The cost of only two ferries is 323 million pounds. Thus, while we carry 15 wagons per year, we will now be able to carry 840 thousand wagons. It is also important in terms of rail transport. During our meetings with Iran, our talks continue to resume passenger transportation.

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