First Step for Mersin Light Rail System Project

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz and Prota Engineering Project Consultancy Services Inc. have signed the contract for the Mezitli-Gar Railway System Project which will solve the traffic problem which is one of the problems of Mersin for many years. General Manager Danyal Kubin signed.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz made a statement to the press after the signature. In parallel with these plans, we have initiated studies for the Transportation Master Plan, breeding of streams and reaching the sea in the shortest possible way. On the other hand, we started to work on the rail system and on the other hand we gave weight to public transportation services in order to facilitate the lives of our people living in Mersin and reach the places they can reach in the shortest possible way. Ray

As a result of the researches carried out in the Master Plan of Transportation, Mr. Kocamaz stated that the necessity of constructing a rail system to the region, especially from Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard and Pozcu to the station, said, ices As you know about this rail system, we have demanded the Havaray. The reason we demanded this was to take the train over the stakes without disturbing the infrastructure. There are many parts of the world. It would be a first in Turkey. But unfortunately, after a long period of negotiations, the ministry did not approve of it. He suggested a light rail system. When we couldn't get another result about Havaray, we made a decision about this issue and we applied to the Ministry with a Preliminary Project to enter the 2018 investment program. However, as I mentioned earlier, the tolerance shown to Antalya or Konya was not shown to us. And they did not get into the 2018 program because it was not a definite project Ve.

”Our goal is to start construction of this rail system without going into 2019“

After completing the project, President Kocamaz added that they will reapply to the ministry to be included in the Investment Program and said anlı We have visited many countries on the rail system before. We are going to search for resources on the one hand, and on the other hand we will prepare for the realization of the project. Our goal is to start construction of this rail system without going into 2019. Let's talk about Danyal Bey. We're going to start fighting for the investment program. We are taking our lessons in the best way and taking it seriously. The company will work the same way. Although we have worked without interruption, we have reached this point today. I hope it would be good for Mersin ”he said.

"Turkey will be the most beautiful metro"

Prota Engineering Project Consultancy Inc. General Manager Danyal Kubin said, 'I would like to thank Mersin Metropolitan Municipality for its trust in us. We will base the project on a much earlier basis than your program. We're gonna do our metron like lions. Turkey will be the most beautiful subway. We're building a subway in our own house. There can be no better honor for us. We will do the right job at the right time. Doğru

Günceleme: 20/12/2018 18:22

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