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Kick-off meeting of "Developing Professional Competence and Training Programs for Rail Systems Passenger Services Personnel", presented by Anadolu University within the scope of Erasmus + Vocational Education Strategic Partnership Program, to the European Commission, Ministry of EU Affairs and EU Training and Youth Programs Center. It was held at the Senate Hall of Anadolu University Rectorate. Rector of Anadolu University to the meeting. Dr. In addition to Naci Gündoğan, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Ali Savaş Koparal, Anadolu University, Institute of Transport Sciences and Vocational School of Transportation, Professor. Dr. Mete Koçkar, TCDD Transportation Inc. Assistant General Manager Çetin Altun and project partners participated.

”As Anadolu University, we also focus on the education and development of scientists and employees in our center“

Rector of Anadolu University made the opening speech of the meeting. Dr. Naci Gündoğan started her speech by giving information about Anadolu University. The Rector, who provided information on the International Rail Center Center of Excellence Dr. Naci Gündoğan stated that the construction of the center and the testing equipment are continuing. Di As Anadolu University, we are also focusing on the education and development of scientists and employees at our center, bu said Rector Gündoğan. The Rector said that those who successfully completed their trainings started returning to Anadolu University. Dr. Prof. Dr. Naci Gündoğan stated that they started training in the scope of the agreement with the South Korea Rail Systems Research Institute which has a similar center for the training of the working personnel.

Uz As Anadolu University, we truly care about the project 'Developing Vocational Qualifications and Training Programs for Rail Service Passenger Services Personnel'. I am happy to be working with you on this project and I hope we will successfully complete it. Çalış Dr. Naci Gündoğan, who thanked all the participants, concluded his speech.

Yeni A new profession will be introduced in the field of Rail Systems Passenger Services “

Informing the participants about the stages of the realized project, Prof. Dr. Mete Koçkar, on the other hand, said: “With the Erasmus+ Program offered by the European Union within the scope of the 2020 Strategy, it is aimed to strengthen the personal development of individuals regardless of their age and educational background and to increase employment opportunities. In parallel with this aim, the 'Development of Vocational Competence and Training Programs for Rail Systems Passenger Services Personnel' project was developed in order to increase the quality of passenger services in the rail systems sector in Turkey and Europe. This project, presented by our university as part of the partnership program, is eligible for grant support in September 2017. kazanwas. Thanks to the project, together with the project partners selected from EU countries, a new profession definition will be put forward in the field of 'Rail Systems Passenger Services' and in this context, occupational standards that can be accepted by national institutions and comply with the European Qualifications Framework will be determined. In accordance with these standards, innovative vocational training modules that can be used all over Europe will be developed, pilot applications will be made for target groups, good practice examples and project outputs will be disseminated in Europe and in our country”.

prof. Dr. Koçkar continued his speech, “These studies will accelerate the establishment of the 'Rail Systems Passenger Services' program within Anadolu University Transportation Vocational High School, making our country's rail systems management with more modern methods, increasing the quality of passenger services, and EU harmonization and integration. In addition, the European dimension in the internationalization of institutions and organizations in the field of rail systems, the determination of common standards in EU countries and the preparation of the training module. kazanIt can be counted among the strengths of our project. In this context, the Project will be carried out in 2017 months between 2020-36 by the joint working group of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş, Eurocert-DE, Ceipes-IT, UK-Certified Knowledge Association, and İlksem Mühendislik, under the coordination of Anadolu University Transportation Vocational School. The project will reveal a new vision, approach and roadmap in the field of passenger services in the Rail Systems Sector in EU countries.” he said.

Kayn Significant contributions will be provided in providing the human resources needed by the sector “

TCDD Transportation Inc. Deputy Director General Cetin Altun, "European Union Ministry, Turkey, approved by the National Agency Coordination at Anadolu University; In our project prepared in partnership with Germany, England and Italy, significant contributions will be made in providing the human resources needed by the sector. This project will be conducive to the creation of new occupational standards in accordance with the European qualifications framework, while training both our existing human resources and the human resources that will work in our sector. Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude to all parties who support and support the project. Lar

Following the opening speeches, a protocol was signed between Anadolu University and its project partners within the scope of the initial meeting of ”Developing Vocational Qualifications and Training Programs for Rail Systems Passenger Services Personnel Açılış.

Following the meeting, representatives from the project partners and Anadolu University faculty members made presentations about the project.

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