Altınordu Public Transport System Starts New Term Tomorrow

With the Modern Transformation Project in Public Transportation implemented in Altınordu district, a period in public transportation was closed. From Monday to February 12 new public transport will start operating on new routes.

2 The public transport system, which was put into service with the participation of thousands of citizens on Friday, ends the adaptation period. At the commissioning ceremony of Mayor Enver Yılmaz, public transport continued to operate on old routes after the citizens announced that they anticipated a certain transition period in order to recognize the new system and not to be a victim. In the intervening time, citizens had the opportunity to know new vehicles, learn the routes and understand how the system will work. On the one hand, discounted and free cards are printed and given to the owners, while on the other hand, full cards are offered to the citizens through numerous dealers.

The transition period, which lasted for about ten days, has ended. 12 As of February Monday, old routes will be canceled and public transportation will be provided on new routes by new public transport. Metropolitan Municipality, citizens to fully adapt to the new system of the website, social media accounts and other communication channels will continue to inform and promote the details of the new public transport system.

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