Public Transport Vehicles Are Disinfected Against Viruses in Van

van public transportation vehicles are disinfected against viruses
van public transportation vehicles are disinfected against viruses

Public transportation vehicles carrying tens of thousands of citizens every day in Van are disinfected to prevent possible corona virus, viral infections and epidemics.

While the efforts to combat the corona virus epidemic, which originates in China and threatens the world, continue, all precautions are taken in our country where there is no epidemic. In this context, Van Metropolitan Municipality is regularly working on disinfection and disinfection in public transportation vehicles and common areas. The teams affiliated to the Department of Health Affairs continue their disinfection efforts, which include the city center and 13 districts. Municipal buses, public buses and minibuses, which provide public transportation services, are sprayed one by one. After the cleaning work, the teams wearing special clothes, disinfected against viral infections and viruses, especially corona virus, with special substances.

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