Haramidere Metrobus Station Accident Statement by IMM

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Haramidere Metrobus stop on the incident about the accident.

In the statement made, on 04.02.2018 at 18:56, the metrobus, which went from Beylikdüzü to Topkapı direction, could not stop on the slippery road due to precipitation, and a damaged and injured accident occurred as a result of hitting the metrobus waiting at Haramidere Station. 24 passengers were slightly injured in the accident. The beneficiaries were moved to the hospitals by ambulances. As a result of the intervention, after the vehicles were pulled and the station was cleaned with the help of an auto tractor, the station was opened in both directions as of 21:00.

After the accident, İBB President Mevlüt Uysal received information from the authorities about the shape of the accident and the wounded, and gave instructions for all kinds of assistance to the wounded citizens and to monitor their health conditions closely. İBB Public Relations Directorate On-Site Solution Team and IETT teams took care of the wounded in hospitals and joined their families until they were discharged. As of the moment, all the wounded people were discharged from the hospital with the exception of the metrobus driver and one passenger who caused the accident. Our driver staff at the Süleyman Hospital of Kanuni Sultan Suleyman Bakirkoy. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital is continuing its treatment.

The police accident report has not yet been maintained at this time (02: 00), and the report will be taken according to the condition of the injured driver and the report will be written. The cause of the accident will be clarified by the investigation of the public prosecutor.



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