The Future of the Logistics Sector Taken in Mersin

MUSIAD Logistics Sector Board, the Minister of Development Mersin with the Lutfi Elvan's participation Consultation Meeting was held in Turkey.

Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) by the Logistic Sector Board, in Mersin, Minister of Development of Turkey. Lutfi Elvan's involvement with the "Intercontinental Logistics Base in Turkey," Turkey hosts themed Consultative Meeting was held. Meeting; Ak Parti Mersin Deputy Hacı Özkan, Mersin Governor Ali İhsan Su, MÜSİAD Chairman Abdurrahman Kaan, MÜSİAD Logistic Sector Board Chairman Emin Taha, Governor of Mezitli Emin Halil Karahaliloğlu, Governor of Mediterranean Muhittin Pamuk, Mersin Branch President Hakan Kayacı, Customs and Trade Regional Manager Fikret Erol, a large number of businessmen and leading representatives of the industry attended.

Stability Stability in Combating Terrorism

Speaking at the meeting, Development Minister Lütfi Elvan wished God's mercy to the martyrs who died in Operation Olive Branch, which was launched for Afrin. Terrorism committed in the fight against Elvan they are expressing, "to clear all kinds of terror elements, to Turkey, to eliminate threats to our nation are determined to fight to the end. We are running a transparent struggle. We continue to fight decisively against all kinds of terrorism, regardless of their origin and origin, without playing double like others. Turkey examples of this attitude is an attitude to fight against international terrorism. " said. Logistics, Turkey's most important and stating that at the beginning of a bright future Elvan sector, "the production quality of a product is of course important, but alone is not enough. It is also important to deliver the product to the consumer in the fastest way and at the lowest cost, in a reliable and predictable manner. ” he spoke.

Logistics Costs Must Be Down

Pointing out that the ratio of logistics costs to national income is 20-25 percent, especially in underdeveloped countries or less developed countries, Elvan said, “When we look at developed countries, we see that it is at the level of 10 percent. The share of gross domestic breed of logistics costs to 13 percent in Turkey Hence our need to further pull down these costs. " used expressions. Pointing out that the development of logistics services is determined as a priority target in the 10th Development Plan, Elvan said, “We have implemented the Transformation to Logistics Program. We have implemented 80 measures under this program. In this context, the Logistics Coordination Board, in which the problems of the sector will be discussed and solution suggestions will be developed, has been established with the circular of our Prime Minister. in order to bring an integrated approach to logistics and transport infrastructure of our country Turkey Logistics Transportation Master Plan and Master Plan work to be completed. " He spoke in the form.

Mediterranean Coast Road Project Continues

Emphasizing that the Mediterranean Coast Road project is continuing, Elvan said, “We have completed the Black Sea Coast Road. Our work on the Mediterranean Coast Road continues. We have a few remaining. Many tunnels and viaducts were opened. We have come to the completion stage in the north-south connection lines. In the next few years, we aim to complete the north-south, east-west corridor in terms of transportation infrastructure and highway infrastructure. ” found the assessment.

We expect growth over 7 percent

MÜSİAD President Abdurrahman Kaan stated that they support Operation Olive Branch, which is organized against terrorist organizations that threaten our country in Syrian territory, as a business world. Kaan said, “May Allah make our army successful and victorious. May Allah make our Mehmetçi return to his home safe. I wish God's mercy to our martyrs, and patience to their relatives. The criticism that the operation will have negative effects on our country's economy is extremely unfounded. There was OHAL in 2017 as well. There was also a cross-border operation in 2017, but we had a very successful year with the struggle of our President, our government and our business world. If possible, we will have spent 4 with a growth above 7 percent with the fourth quarter announcements. Therefore, we do not accept such expressions as a business world in any way. ” said.

Mersin is taking an advantage

Emphasizing that the Asia-Pacific region, where population power is concentrated in the future, will be the center of production and therefore logistics is more prominent, Kaan said, “We think that Mersin will be built in Singapore with its logistics center location and the development of its port. In particular, the cities behind the regions close to the ports will be the production center with the support of our government, free zones and investment zones. I want to say that Mersin is also very advantageous here. ” he spoke.

Recommendations on Logistics Sector

In the meeting, Emin Taha, Chairman of MÜSİAD Logistic Sector Board, made explanations about the problems and solutions of the logistics sector and made suggestions about what should be done at this point. Taha stated that citizens are victims of OGS and HHS transitions. An Due to physical conditions, plate reading problems are experienced and notifications are made for long periods of time up to 2 years. In order to prevent this, information should be given by SMS and mail and the legal process should start after these notifications. In order to better understand the concept of logistics in TIM-TOBB Chambers and Municipalities, a Logistics Council should be formed and united under a single ministry. State support should be included in the Logistics Sector. Companies operating in the logistics sector should be included in the SME class. Thus, the state supports more can be used. Böylece he said.

Penalties on Transit Transportation

Underlining the need to reduce the high penalties in transit transportation, Taha said, indirgen In penitentiary transportation, items with a lot of items should be reduced to less items, only tariffs should be applied and high penalties should be reduced to prevent investors coming. Fines due to the expiry of customs have to be paid over the customs clearance fee, rather than the veril customs cleared value Gümrük.

Mersin New candidate to be m Dubai Mersin

Hakan Kayacı, MÜSİAD Branch President, stated that Çukurova and Mersin are in an important position on a global scale. Kayacı said, “Our city, whose potential has been rediscovered and its importance has been noticed as of the early 2000s, may at last end with the interest it deserves in terms of economy and investments, especially during the term of your“ zat-ı âl ”. Our country has gathered all the interest of the world aviation industry with the investment of Istanbul Grand Airport. Çukurova International Airport, which is as important and a strategic investment as Istanbul 3rd airport, has the same importance. With the start of our airport, Mersin and Çukurova region are candidates to become a new “DUBAI”. ” He spoke in the form. Emphasizing that the importance of Mersin will increase with the railway projects, Kayacı said, “With the delivery of the Baku - Tbilisi - Kars Railway project to our region and Mersin, a new“ attraction center ”will be created on its own, which will attract the attention of our city and our region and attract“ foreign investors ”. . The political will's interest in our city and our region is really pleasing. The completion of the Mersin - Antalya coastal road and highway as soon as possible is one of our most important expectations for the tourism industry. This road is also of vital importance in terms of revealing the importance and potential of Taşucu Port. ” found the assessment.

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