Manisa chooses red for electric buses

The survey conducted for the determination of the color of electric buses which will be used in public transportation, which is one of the environment friendly investments of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, has ended. Citizens in the survey, the color of 18 meters-long buses used 21 bin 59 game red with the percentage selected as 32,62'i.

While Manisa Metropolitan Municipality continues to make a name for itself with its environmentally conscious investments and projects, it continues to carry its service investments into the future. Manisa Municipality, Turkey's Uzunburun the largest public investment and Solid Waste Disposal Landfill facility after a major environmental investments achieved yet. The survey study of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality to determine the color of the electric buses that will be used in public transportation, which is among the environmental investments of the city, has ended. Started in November and The citizens voted to choose the color of the bus they liked by participating in the questionnaire at. In the survey launched in 2018 to determine the color of electric buses to be used in public transportation in the city, 21 thousand 59 people voted. Citizens who chose among the Red, Blue, Green and Yellow colors made their choice by using 32,62 percent of the votes cast in favor of red. Electric buses, which will be used in public transportation in 2018, will provide transportation for citizens with its red color.

Serve to OIZ

The electric buses, which are planned to be commissioned from next year with the Manisa people determining the color, will also serve the OSB workers. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which plans to move three thousand workers to the OIZ in the first place, plans to prevent service intensity in the city center. On the other hand, other polling rates in the survey were as follows: Green: Percent 32,49 (20979), Yellow: Percent 32,37 (20901), Blue: 2,52 (1624) Percentage of 18 (XNUMX) Survey will result in red traffic to the city by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality electric buses to be specified in red .

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