Change in the 3-Storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, 3 Katlı Büyük Istanbul Tunnel, the previous project in the middle floor of the rail system is considered the most appropriate to be taken, the upper and middle floors will be used for the arrival of the car reported.

Arslan made statements in Copenhagen, where he came to participate in the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge Tower Wind Tunnel test.

In the 3-storey Great Istanbul Tunnel, the metro system starting from İncirli goes to Mecidiyeköy and passes from the Sogutlucesme to the Anatolian side. KadıköyExplaining that he will be integrated to both the Eagle line and Marmaray, Arslan said, “It will also be integrated with a different 9-rail system on that line. Integration of the rail systems used by 6,5 million people a day will be ensured. ” said.

Stating that the tunnel, which will enter the underground from TEM, will connect the cars to the Anatolian side, from Hasdal, Arslan said that the project will be considered as a system where Marmaray and Eurasia tunnels are together.

Arslan emphasized that the line will serve two departures and two arrival cars, the arrival and departure rail system, the subway, and said that they have initiated the process for preparing the project drillings, survey projects and preparing the documents for the tender which will be realized by the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model.

Minister Arslan, 1-2 said that after the monthly work they will prepare the documents and start the process to tender with the BOT model.

Previously, the upper floor two-way cars, a solid-going arrival-rail system, the lower floor of the two-fold for the automobile, what they think Arslan, said:

“The studies have reached the final stage, but technically, it turns out that the rail system located in the middle floor of the previous project seems to be taken to the bottom as a result of technical studies. The upper and middle floors of the tunnel will be used for automobile commute. The reason for this is that the lines will separate from each other after they surface. On the European side, there would be a rail system to go south to Incirli, and to the north, TEM would be the floors we made for cars at the top and bottom, but these are a little more difficult to separate. However, for the two-fold cars at the top, the rail system will be separated towards the south, while the top will be divided to the north. As a result of the technical studies, it seems more appropriate to use the lower floor for the rail system since the vehicles used in the rail system are heavier. It will become clear soon. ”

Arslan announced that the tender for the 3-storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel will be held early next year.



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