Solves the traffic problem of Istanbul, not the bridges, the subway

Istanbul's traffic problem, not the bridges, but the subway: The Chamber of City Planners Istanbul Branch President Tayfun Kahraman said, “The traffic problem is not the bridges, the subway solves”.
Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which brings together the two sides of the Bosphorus, was opened for service in Istanbul. Officials say that heavy tonnage vehicles are now required to use this bridge, and vehicles such as trucks and trucks will not enter the city traffic.
Can the traffic problem be solved in Istanbul with the third bridge coming into service? According to Tayfun Kahraman, Head of the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of City Planners, who spoke to RS FM. Here Heroes answering questions connected to the Turkey program, "Traffic is not a problem of bridges, subway solves" he said, and the money can be spent in the third bridge made of 150 km subway line. The hero continued as follows:
“At the cost of the third bridge, 150 km of metro could be built in Istanbul. Currently, there is a 2016 km long metro line in Istanbul, which is planned to be completed by the end of 140. It can solve the traffic problem in Istanbul to a large extent. 1 million 100 thousand people pass through two bridges daily. The capacity of Marmaray is 75 thousand people per hour; In other words, 150 thousand people are transported in two directions and 1 million 500 thousand people are transported daily. So a Marmaray carries almost the capacity of 3 bridges. If your goal is to transport people, the transportation problem is solved in some way by metro. ”
The hero gave an example from Paris, stating that building bridges provides temporary comfort:
“Parisians crossed the Seine River 39 times through bridges. But the roads are still clogged. Bridges do not solve traffic. No matter how big you make it, how huge you build it, or how much engineering bridge you build, it doesn't solve it either.
Kahraman argued that what Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş said in his development plan for Istanbul contradicts what has been done today:
If we remember the remarks of Mr. Kadir Topbaş in the environmental plan, which was made in 2009, he had a declaration that 'We have made the constitution with the environmental plan of Istanbul and we will not approve any project that is against this constitution'. There is a red line in that plan, and there are plan notes that it should not be built exactly to the north of the current Istanbul settlement and further north of this red line. Building the bridge right after approving such a plan is a huge contradiction. The projection of politics is very short-term, but the projections of cities do not remove such short terms. Unfortunately, the area that the third bridge will serve is the new areas to be created and the heavy traffic coming over them. ”

Günceleme: 11/12/2018 17:38

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