Sapanca Geyve YHT Line Tender for 'Mischief' Claim in Parliament

CHP Konya deputy Hüsnü Bozkurt, the G Sapanca Geyve High Speed ​​Train Line “tender held last August, the agenda of the Assembly.

Bozkurt asked the Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım about the tender and the public was informed that the tender in question was made with and without the negotiation, the tender was mixed with the tender, the tender proceedings were carried out sloppy, and that some firms that requested to participate were not invited. expressed, thus the tender by the Republic of Turkey State Railways 1 998 thousand million billion 999 223 said that the original cost of TL Construction to be.

CHP, which asks for the reason that a large-scale tender such as P Sapanca-Geyve High Speed ​​Railway Line Infrastructure Superstructure Construction arasında can be announced without in open tender “or in tender between certain tenderers ih and ere bargaining apı method. Bozkurt asked about the company in which the tender was carried out in Kastamonu with the accusation of c bereavement of the tender et.

Bozkurt asked if the investigation of allegations of TCDD's conducting an arbitrary act on the invitation of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) was considered to be in contradiction with the basic principles.

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