Kardemir 9 profited 180 million TL per month

📩 19/12/2018 16:52

Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting of Kardemir was held. In the morning session of the meeting held in the Education Culture Center of the company, A-B and D group shareholders gathered separately and determined candidates for the Board of Directors.

The afternoon session of the General Assembly started with the opening speech of Kardemir General Manager Ercüment Ünal. In his speech, Ünal pointed out that as a result of the activities of our Board of Directors since last year, our company's sales revenue increased by 9% in the first 80 months to TL 2,8 billion, gross profitability reached TL 77 million with an increase of 430% and net profitability reached the level of 180 million TL. The investments we made with our trust and support started to bear fruit in 2017. The performance of our stocks has also improved, and our KRDMB share, which was 1,09 in January, reached the level of 2,70 ”.

Last year, Turkey's top 500 industrial companies ranking in next year's Kardemir the # 34 taken into consideration the current yield when specifying 22 will rise to as General Manager Ercument Unal, if the target is in the last year 2,1 million tons of lovable and this year 2 Million He noted that the steel production, which reached the level of 450 thousand tons, was brought to the level of 2019 million tons in 3.5 and to rise to the 500th place in the first 18 largest industries.

After the opening speech, the Presidency of the Meeting was formed for the General Assembly. Ömer Faruk Öz was elected as the Chairman of the Meeting as a result of the voting of the motion submitted with the signature of the Board Members Mustafa Yolbulan and Hüseyin Çağrı Güleç. After Ömer Faruk Öz, who thanked the shareholders for their trust, elected the members of the Board of Directors. As a result of the voting, Mustafa YOLBULAN, Talat YILMAZ, Burak YOLBULAN, Atilla Tamer ALPTEKİN representing Group A, Kamil GÜLEÇ and Hüseyin Çağrı GÜLEÇ representing Group B and Murat YOLBULAN representing Group D were elected as the new Board Members of the company.

The Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting of Kardemir, which Karabük Mayor Rafet Vergili attended and wished for good luck, ended after the Board Members were given the authority written in the 395th and 396th articles of the TCC to be valid for their term of office.

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