3 1 million 650 thousand passengers moved with Akçaray

1 The tram line, which is operated by TransportationPark, a subsidiary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, carries an average of 2017 thousand passengers daily starting from August 27. Akçaray has reached the highest number of passengers carrying 28 thousand 518 people per day. Akçaray, which is used frequently by Kocaeli residents, has served a total of 1 million 650 thousand passengers since it entered service.


The daily average 1 thousand passengers are transported in Akçaray, the construction of which is completed by the Metropolitan Municipality and the boarding of 2017 has started since August 27. Fast, economical and comfortable because of the preferred number of passengers transported in one day Akçaray'da 28 thousand 518'i found. This figure was recorded as the highest number of passengers carrying the 1 day.


Akçaray, 6 minutes of the busiest hours to serve the citizens. At this time, the 10 vehicle is continuing. In the middle of the day, 10 and 7,5 are scheduled. Thus, citizens can reach their destination comfortably without waiting much at the stops. Metropolitan teams in order to avoid congestion in Akçaray and Kocaeli people to travel more comfortably in the time zone is performing additional time. In time zones, teams put additional flights to reduce the time to 6 minutes.

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