Mayor Toçoğlu: "When the time comes, there will be a rail system"

Emphasizing that Sakarya is at the top of the earthquake-ready cities, Mayor Toçoğlu said, “Sakarya is one of the most special cities with its green areas, wide roads, aesthetic architecture and people connecting with the sky. We received reactions to the floor limitation, but we always resisted it, we continue to resist. Although we are alone, we are behind it. We offered to take the train underground and arrive at the existing garage. He was on the shelf due to cost. Now, building a new station in Mithatpaşa is under discussion. ”

Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Zeki Toçoğlu met with local press and agency representatives at Disaster Coordination Center. In the meeting, General Director of SASKİ Rüstem Keleş, Deputy Secretary General Ayhan Kardan and members of the press took part. Toçoğlu made important statements about the ongoing projects and projects in the city.

Probability in disaster was considered
President Toçoğlu said, göz In this building we built as Disaster Coordination Center, all disaster scenarios were taken into consideration. There is no energy and communication interruption in disaster. Dormitories, a kitchen for the meal of a thousand people, heliport, coordination center, administrative room all details were considered. It is also a significant advantage that the hospital is side by side. Ayrıca

We have protected the Sakarya River
Oldu Following the 2014 elections, all province borders were included in the Metropolitan. New districts were analyzed. Needs were identified. In Geyve, Alifuatpasa, Tarakli, Pamukova, Karasu, Kocaali and Kaynarca, there was serious need for infrastructure. The wastes of these areas were left to Sakarya River without treatment. In a very short period of time, tenders were made and treatment plants were built. We have protected the Sakarya River. Karasu'da also commissioned the treatment. We brought the blue flag to the shores of Karasu. Kocaali'da will be commissioned soon. These problems will be solved in Karaürçek, Ferizli and Söğütlü. Kara

The largest environmental investment in the city
Çevre We realized the most important environmental investment of the city. All the wastes of Sakarya will be collected and energy will be produced first and then we will produce fertilizers. With the investment of approximately 100 million, we will realize the biggest environmental investment SEKAY. There won't be any chemical waste here. Burada

A new dam to the north
U Karasu was thirsty in the summer. Kocaali also had the same water problem. The mayors of Karasu and Kocaali opened and closed the valve respectively. Kaynarca had a very large water problem. Similar problems were experienced in Geyve and Taraklı regions. I hope we solve the problem of these regions. We will also soon build a dam in the north of the city. We solved the water problem with the investments we made in these regions. Ham

700 thousand tons of asphalt
“We do asphalt works all over the city. Asphalting the roads of the group, we solve the problems of our districts and we do asphalt works on different streets in the city center as part of the project senin The city is renewing for you Grup. Hopefully, we will be doing 700 thousand tons of asphalt this year only. Ş

New bridge and double road to the city
Ağ At the end of the 15 July Boulevard, we will make a new overpass on the Karasu road and build a new bridge to the Sakarya River and cross the Karapürçek road and connect the road to Pekşenler. We completed the expropriation related to this, but there was a new proposal of the Highways. Now we are completing these expropriations, while the project is completed. I hope we'll go for the tender. It will be the new gate to the city. Şehr

Democracy square will be decided by our people
I We shared the final version of the Democracy Square with the public. We have been working on Democracy Square for a long time. We took the views of different sections on the subject. We eliminate the height in the square. Refreshing ground. Green field will increase. Lighting will be done. We are also working on the statue of Atatürk. We also thought of a wooden structure on the side of the boulevard. The bottom is empty. No connection to the boulevard. We're installing a giant screen. There will be a section about Sakarya. It has a book sales office. Kitap

New transportation investments
. We are building a new double road on Erenler Yavuz Selim Street so that all the traffic in the city entrance does not clutter to Sedaş junction. We're moving fast here. We are working on a new intersection in the summer house. We are expanding the path between the cottage-Kipa. 32 Evler-Hızırilyas between the double road work that we have ended in the end. We will asphalt soon. As

When the time comes the rail system will be
“The rail system will certainly come to Sakarya. However, the important thing here is to transfer it to the city at the most appropriate time for the rail system. kazanto climb This is the case all over the world. Here is a ranking; You meet your transportation demands with rubber wheels and public transportation vehicles, but when this is not enough, you switch to the rail system. As long as this rate of development continues in Sakarya, the rail system comes to the fore. These must be calculated. It happens when potential is created.”

We told the train to come to the center
Aşa There are six gates from Mithatpaşa. According to TCDD regulation, the barrier system is not accepted. There will be an overpass or overpass where the crossings are. We are told that; the first passage will be made from Bosna Street to Atatürk High School. Is this possible in this area? What will be the right and left turns? At least 200 meters width is required for underpasses. There is no such opportunity in these regions. The second and third parade will be completely closed. Is traffic managed in this way? A city divided into two, such as the Berlin Wall, a city that is decomposed, the gates are closed, it is unclear where the vehicles will go. We wanted to be taken underground. We offered to make the train come up to the current bus station. They kept close to it, but when the cost was about 280 million, the idea came up. We should consider the transportation issue of the city as a whole. Şehr

New garage to Mithatpaşa
Oldu The last issue that came up was the construction of a new station in Mithatpaşa. This issue is being discussed with TCDD. University students also use the train intensively. From here, campus transportation is also comfortable. Also there is no gate problem. No security issues. We want the current train station not to be demolished. We want these areas to be used as new living spaces. We can create a new area to breathe into the city. Walking and cycling routes, green areas, children and recreation areas. It is possible to build the area with the existing platforms as fair area. Sakarya needs such a field. Sak

If we remain alone we are resisting the floor limitation
Mes The greatest preparation for the earthquake is the construction of solid structures on solid grounds. The biggest issue here is the floor limitation. Sakarya is an example to Turkey. We are among the most special cities with its green areas, wide roads, aesthetic architecture and people contacting the sky. A new city appeared. A wonderful city with no multi-storey buildings. We have reacted to the floor limitation, but we have always resisted and continue to resist. Even if we are alone in this issue, we stand behind it. Our gathering areas are clear. Kentpark, Kent Square, Yenikent Park, Korucuk Park.

Examples of compliance in Sakarya Turkey
. We are in compliance with both our non-governmental organizations and our university and our Chamber of Commerce. We are talking about many issues, we are talking. We talk about everything we can do to our city. There is not a single non-governmental organization that we cannot talk about. Turkey examples are in harmony. "

Uzunçarşı is getting a new look
Arş We have taken the structures in Uzunçarşı to protect their identity. As you may recall, Uzunçarşı's appearance was very negative until a short while ago. Thanks to the work carried out in the raw material Uzuncarşı has a new look. Illegal structures were destroyed, buildings strengthened. It's a nice market. A study carried out without inconvenience. Finally, our shopkeepers will protect it. Sonuçta

No support in sports
Lig We are fighting in the Super League in Basketball. Our supporters do not leave us alone. Our matches are broadcasted on television, but we still can't find sponsors. We are trying to stand with the support we provide as metropolitan. As in Sakaryaspor there is a lot of noise, but no support. We don't know how to get there. Nobody is willing to support the sport. Kimse

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