4 Million Passengers Moved Through Marmaray Project


Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan said, "On the 94th anniversary of the foundation of our Republic, we celebrate the 4th anniversary of the" project of the century ", Marmaray, which unites Asia and Europe with an iron network and makes the railroad crossing uninterrupted." said.

Reminding that “Project of the Century” Marmaray was put into service on October 29, 2013, between the 13-kilometer Separation Fountain and Kazlıçeşme, Arslan said, “We are very proud and happy as the transportation family on the 94th anniversary of our Republic. Because we serve projects worthy of our Republic and nation one by one. One of them is Marmaray. " he spoke.

Arslan, Marmaray and so far 226 million citizens with great confidence and comfort between Asia and the continents of Europe in four minutes passed.

Citizens, HalkalıArslan stated that they are looking forward to the completion of the Gokze line. We will provide this on his birthday. ağ

A total of 333 voyages during the day of Marmaray, the number of passengers carried on busy days, indicating that the number of 200 thousand Arslan, Marmaray, Istanbul, not only in the inner city transportation, but also contributed to the protection of the environment reported.

"Approximately 26 thousand 300 vehicles were withdrawn from traffic"

Arslan stated that with the commissioning of Marmaray, approximately 26 thousand 300 vehicles were withdrawn from the traffic per day and continued as follows:

I Thus, 201 thousand tons of toxic gas emissions were prevented and 5 million dollars of toxic gas cost was saved. Again, when our citizens using Marmaray provided an average hour time saving compared to those using other means of transport, our total 226 million passengers have saved 226 million hours. Yine

Arslan emphasized that Marmaray is a project that is not only for urban public transportation, but also for the outline passenger transportation and logistics sector, emphasizing that the project is one of the most important rings for the international railway corridor.

Expressing that they have renewed and modernized the existing system while weaving the country with high-speed and high-speed rail networks for the last 15 years, Arslan said that the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, known as the "Iron Silk Road", was announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Georgia. He stated that it will be put into service with the participation of Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili.

Arslan, each project was implemented that brought Turkey a step further, noting the following:

“Marmaray is the most important link of this railway network, which ensures that it is uninterrupted between Asia and Europe. The fastest, shortest and shortest distance between Europe and Asia was previously the 'middle corridor' for a product to travel from China to European countries and to world markets in 45 to 60 days by sea. A product traveling through the 'north corridor' Russia was reaching its address in more than a month. Now a load from China, the railways could go to Europe via Turkey 15 days. Thus, the distance will be reduced by 3-3,5 times. Therefore, many uneconomic transportation will turn into economical when the transportation time is reduced from 45 days to 15 days. Turkey, in terms of load potential between the continents of Europe and Asia will be an important center. "

Arslan, Istanbul suburban lines in 2018 with the completion of high-speed trains in Haydarpasa and Halkalı', thus travel time will decrease significantly and comfort will increase even more.

In addition, the opening of Marmaray 4. stamp printed in memory of the year. 4. year of celebrations, special printed chocolates and booklets were distributed to passengers, while New Door Station was also given a concert.

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