500 Thousands of Passengers Carry on Kartepe Cable Car

The contract was signed with Valter, which won the tender for Kartepe's 50 annual dream Telefer. Company 1,5 said it will hit the first dig after months

A contract was signed with Valter Asans, which received the tender of the Teleferik Project 28 in September, which is one of the most important vision projects of Kartepe Municipality. Valter Elevator Director General Murat Ağcabağ attended the signing ceremony hosted by the Mayor of Kartepe, Hüseyin Üzülmez. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mayor Üzülmez said, ül There is no longer any obstacle for Kartepe's 50 annual dream to come to life. Although the 2 is planned to be completed in the year, we want the ropeway to be put into service at 31 December 2018 when there is no extraordinary negativity.


Making a statement before the signature ceremony, President Üzülmez said, İmza We live a historic day in the name of Kartepe. We participated in the launch of Sabah Kartepe Summit. Then we are signing the signature of Kartepe's 50 annual dream. After each local election, the Ropeway Project came up. This was our election promise this time and we fought very hard to fulfill. A very strong company received the tender. All legal permits were received. After an annual struggle, we have taken the most important and realistic steps for the ropeway to be built. Yıllık


Mayor Uzulmez continued his words geç President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's support and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim closely followed the situation, Deputy Prime Minister Fikri Isik's incredible effort has made a great contribution to the implementation of this work. At the same time, we always felt the support of our deputies and the Mayor. Metropolitan made us free of charge. Everybody who felt his political responsibility supported us. We worked before we ran out. We completed the tender process. We are signing a contract with our company which gives the highest bid of the companies participating in the tender. İ


Yılda There will be great contributions in terms of tourism, yılda said President Üzülmez. Indan We estimate that 500 thousand people will benefit from ropeway service annually. The cable car project will make a great contribution to tourism. There will be many people coming to our district in national and international areas. There is not only winter tourism in our cardboard, but also highland tourism and nature tourism. The cable car project will not only mean passenger transportation, but also hotels and similar investments around it. Both Kartepe will have beauty and plateau tourism. There are also four seasons and a physical view of the lake and the sea on the ropeway in Kartepe da.


The tender for 28 in September was attended by two companies, Halatlı Taşımacılık and Valter Asansör. In the last closed envelope bid given after the auction, Valter Elevator will give 350 a share of 17,2 annually out of the annual turnover. The project is expected to cost 72 million pounds.

The first stage will be made

The 4 bin 960 meter line between Hikmetiye-Derbent and Kuzu Yayla Recreation Area, which is the first stage of the cable car line, which will be granted all permits from the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, will be operated by 29 for the year. The cable car line that will be constructed by Build-Operate-Transfer method will be bi-directional and 3 rope. 2 90 cabinets will be used in the cable car line. After the first stage of the ropeway, the second stage will begin.

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