Quality Increases in Public Transport in Kayseri

President of the Chamber of Public Buses Ahmet Erkan and members of the board visited Mayor Mustafa Celik. Public bus and the new payment model trades on the performance of the Chairman stated that based on the satisfaction of the people first in Turkey Steel, quality and satisfaction has increased with each passing day, he said in public transportation.

Ahmet Erkan, the President of the Chamber of Public Buses, visited the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mustafa Çelik, who he visited with the members of the board, on behalf of his shopkeepers and gave him a handmade vase. Erkan stated that 2017 was the year of transportation in every sense as President Çelik stated, “We are in an effort to serve our people better and to improve quality without embarrassing you. We've participated in a meeting last week attended by the means of transport from Van, Turkey. I've also thanked you there. Thanks to you, our shopkeepers had a comfortable year. Compared to 2016, there was a significant difference. Our shopkeepers will not take your face off the land, İn he said.

Mayor Mustafa Celik, transportation, thanking for their kind visit and said they continued to make public transport the first in Turkey. People otobüsçü the new payment system in every sense of the expression that increase the satisfaction of Steel, "This year admirable admirable projects related to payment systems, public buses and the work that we have developed together with you will be an example to Turkey. From time to time we were disturbed by the negativity caused by public buses. We have developed a new model to relieve the busier tradesmen. We wanted to reflect on the success rate and the number of people's behaviors to the public. It was a case study. I'm sure we'il get a positive result. After that, our expectation is an effort to renew the vehicles. We continue to work on this. We have done our part to increase the service quality. After that, the business falls on you. We continuously measure the quality of service. We have inspectors who ride buses every day, our tradesmen don't recognize. These inspectors are constantly scoring. These works also increase passenger satisfaction. As the satisfaction increases, the cost of our tradesmen will increase as well Mem.

On the other hand, Ali Ateş, Chairman of the Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles, and members of the board of directors also visited President Mustafa Çelik and met for a while.

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