High Speed ​​Trains will go to Haydarpaşa and Halkalı at the end of 2018

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan, Istanbul and the European side of the suburban lines of the European side will be brought to the subway standards 2018 will connect to the end of the year, high-speed trains departing from Ankara to Haydarpasa and Halkalı'ya announced.

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, 06 August 2017 attended a live broadcast of a private television channel on Sunday.

Marmaray's continuation of the two suburban lines will be finished in 2018 Arslan, commuter trains to the metro standard by connecting to Marmaray high-speed trains from Ankara as well as connected to Haydarpasa Gar'a, Marmaray'a using a portion of the ring He said he would go as far as.

Indicating that the YHTs operating between Ankara and Istanbul have come to Pendik, Arslan said that the transportation is provided by buses. it will relax and provide a very comfortable, subway standard transportation service. In addition, there will be continuous railway operations between Europe and Asia. While bringing the existing two lines to the subway standard, we are making a third line from Gebze to Halkalı. This third line will serve high-speed trains during the day and will serve freight trains at night. Bu


Suburban lines, which are the continuation of the Marmaray project in Istanbul, are completed and the YHTs departing from Ankara will be reached by 3 hour to Haydarpasa and 3 will be reached in an hour and a half by the end of the project. Inin Ankara-Sivas YHT Line İstanbul With the completion of the Sivas-Ankara 2 hours, Sivas-Istanbul 5 hours, Sivas-Halkalı will be 5 and a half hours. A passenger from Sivas will be able to come to Halkalı by 5 and a half hours. Halkali-Kapikule'nin are doing the tender this year, as a high-speed train project has been finished tender files were prepared and this year we will go to the tender. On this occasion, a passenger from Sivas will be able to reach Kapıkule by using our high speed trains. Until 2022-2023, we want to finish Halkalı-Kapıkule so that a train from the east of our country can go to London. X


Referring to Ankara YHT Gar and YHT passenger transport share, Minister Arslan stated that YHT Gar, which was built in Ankara and opened to service in 29 October 2016, has served as a multifunctional and that the passengers can meet all kinds of social needs.

Lar Our citizens now prefer a high-speed train with a percentage of 15 in all transportation between Ankara and Istanbul. Even when the YHT Line continues to Haydarpaşa and later to Halkalı, we expect this ratio to reach up to 40. Yüzde According to Arslan, this rate is now at% 78 in Eskişehir and in Konya, 66'lerin come up to the percentage, so that the ratio between Ankara and Istanbul to come up to at least 40'lerin predicted that, this rate will increase further in the future.

Arslan also spoke about the effects of transportation sectors in the commercial sense, especially with the development of the railways. Lar We went to a liberalization on the railways both in airlines and railways. Birlikte With the balance of supply and demand, prices are in a certain balance. Distance from the 400 to 500 km traveling high-speed trains, if any, people already prefer it. '' He said.


Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, referring to staff recruitment to State Railways at the end of his speech, "Weighted engineers, technicians, lawyers, civil servants, and 150 700 people will be a friend in the state railways in this year will be added to the body." He said.

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