Veysi Kurt, General Manager of TCDD Tasimacilik AS, is in Erzurum

09 With the participation of Veysel Kurt, General Manager of TCDD Transportation Inc., a meeting was held in Erzurum on September 2017 with Company personnel and NGO representatives. In the meeting, General Manager Veysi Kurt gave information about the current situation of the company and short and long term future plans.

Following the opening speech made by Sönmez Sefercik, the Regional Coordinator of 4, General Manager Veysi Kurt said that he was pleased to have such a large-scale meeting in Erzurum.

Wolf in his speech; 20 said that the average service of the employees is over the year and that all employees are experts in their respective fields of service. He pointed out that the transportation sector, which is the field of activity of the company, provides 24 hour service. Turkey's coldest winter thermometer with full force in the provinces of Erzurum, which is under severe winter conditions minus Show 40 even in the days of our personnel for the rotation of the wheel underlining that runs a superhuman effort he thanked staff.

Kurt, the holy service of our people and people who know that the railroaders do very important work, this is not fully known by our citizens, but the management staff knows it very well, especially the machinists, especially in the feast of the glorious work, saying that I'm grateful to every employee fulfilling his duty properly.

Kurt said that the state attaches great importance to the railway sector and that a significant amount of investment is made each year and that the competitors in other modes of transportation are strong and that TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ is composed of cadres with the power and ability to compete.

Kurt said, arkadaşlar I know that my colleagues are fully convinced of their success. Therefore, I believe that the duties given to the Company will be performed in the best way and that they will provide the most useful services to our nation. ” Underlining the importance of great thinking, Kurt said, “First of all, we should not allow micro problems to prevent macro problems while doing our duties. If so, the spirit of the job dies and our motivation falls; this lowers the quality of our service and causes problems to grow exponentially. ”

Kurt continued his speech by saying, çalış We can carry 30 million tons of cargo and 50 million passengers annually by working on our capacity with scarce resources. We are currently carrying daily 20.000 tons of cargo, with 80.000 tons being dangerous, with high-speed trains carrying 25.000 passengers daily. When we consider these values, it is possible to say that our staff does this job fondly. For this reason, I want to say that we need to respect our personnel and give their rights. Kul

Kurt continued: uz We aim to meet the income-expense balance within the 5 year, but we found that it is possible to realize this in a shorter time. Again, in order to contribute to the country's economy, we have committed to transport the most important raw material of our country, iron ore, for the same fee as 3 year and we help the companies working in this sector as much as we can. ”

Kurt emphasized the principle of saving and working in the spirit of brotherhood., Everyone should show the necessary sensitivity about cost and should not tolerate extravagance. I want all employees to raise the flag higher. For this, I underline the necessity of protecting the law of brotherhood and friendship while everyone is doing their job. This is the basis of success. We need to work hard to ensure that our Company is in a better position in the railway sector and contributes to the national economy. I would like to thank you all for your work and efforts and wish you success in your business. Tal

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