Annual Paid Permit Regulation Changed!

With the decision published in the Official Gazette today, the annual paid leave regulation has been changed.

In the Official Gazette dated 18 August 2017 and numbered 30158, an amendment was published in the annual leave regulation, which closely concerns employees.

In the published decision, the annual paid leave regulation was changed.

With the decision published in today's Official Gazette, the “annual paid leave can be divided into three at most” in the third paragraph of article 6 of the regulation. The phrase "can be used in sections." It was stated that it was changed.
According to the Regulation on the Amendment of the Annual Paid Leave Regulation published in the Official Gazette, annual paid leaves can now be divided into three, not at most, but as desired.

Article 1 - 3 / 3 / 2004 The first paragraph of Article 25391 of the Regulation on the Annual Paid Permit issued in the Official Gazette No. 6 can be divided into three sections as yayımlan maximum three. X .

Yer The annual paid leave period of the sub-employer workers who continue to work in the same workplace even though the subcontractor is changed shall be calculated by taking into consideration the periods they work in the same workplace. The principal employer is obliged to check whether the annual paid leave periods of the workers employed by the subcontractor are used and to ensure that they are used within the relevant year, while the subcontractor is obliged to provide a copy of the permit registration certificate to the principal employer. As
ARTICLE 2 - The following sentence is added to the third paragraph of Article 9 of the same Regulation.
Ör The annual paid leave period of the workers working in underground works is increased by four days. “

ARTICLE 3 - This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication.

ARTICLE 4 - The provisions of this Regulation are executed by the Minister of Labor and Social Security.



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