Topbas: ın The cost of metro investments in Istanbul is 36 billion Top

Mayor Kadir Topbaş, Minister Mehmet Özhaseki and Fikirtepe, especially in Istanbul, said that the work on the urban transformation of the table.

Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbas who visited the 1,5 kilometers of Kabatas-Mecidiyekoy-Mahmutbey Metro which is very important for Istanbul, gave the good news that the urban transformation works will be accelerated in Istanbul.

Mayor Kadir Topbaş explained that they have put the urban transformation studies in İstanbul, especially with Mehmet Özhaseki and Fikirtepe, our Minister of Environment and Urbanization. Together with the senior officials of the Ministry and our municipality, we have dealt with the neighborhoods of İstanbul one by one, especially Fikirtepe. I want to express this in particular. So we're just a minute, our second isn't empty. No matter what the weather conditions, our colleagues and district mayors work day and night, Hava he said.


Or In some circles, municipalities are using corruption. De If you have any evidence, if you know anything, you have to put it to the stand. It is necessary to remove the beans from the mouth, ini said Kadir Topbas, said:

Ik We have made our investments as a local government by developing our resources with love for our services. While Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality cannot pay a salary in this city in the past, I have invested 105 billion liras in this period until the end of this year. This means that the 35 billion dollars will be put into the economy of this city only as labor. Corruption, this money, these investments will not be. Yol

Mayor Xantum 13,5 105 annually invested in 36 and underlined that the cost of ongoing metro investments is 1500 billion pounds President Topbas, X This is a very large figure. We just entered the subway tunnel from Eyüp Alibeyköy, we went under the Gültepe by 3 meter and we got out of Kağıthane. Just behind us Gayrettepe-XNUMX. There are excavations at the Airport Metro Line. Everywhere there is a business, everywhere you have an investment. If the resources are not used correctly, if they are squandered, there will be none of these investments if they are corrupt. Someone may talk differently, but we never look at them, and we don't even consider it worthwhile to answer. We're looking at our business. Because our citizen gave us the authority, trust. We take care not to shake this feeling of trust, Bu he said.

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