Kocaeli Tram has been the first to offer a surprise marriage proposal

Eray Altuntaş, 25, who worked as a vatman in Kocaeli, made a first in Kocaeli by making an announcement for her girlfriend Yasemin Bertan on the tram with an announcement of surprise marriage.

Getting permission from his superiors, Altuntaş said to Bertan, who boarded the tramway he used on the Bus Station-Seka Park line, with the announcement, "Will you marry me, Yasemin?" He proposed.

Bertan, who could not hide her astonishment when her boyfriend offered to marry with an announcement, replied "Yes" to the proposal.

Stating that he had made various plans about the marriage proposal, he had previously thought of making the proposal on the boat or on the Bosphorus Bridge, Altuntaş said, “It came to my mind that such a thing was done on a tram in Istanbul. I consulted my supervisors, my chefs. I asked for permission from them. They didn't break me thanks. May Allah be pleased with all of them. After that, everything developed in an instant. It was really nice. My husband got the tram, I got Yasemin. Thank god. I also got the answer I wanted. I am very happy. ”

Expressing that the ceremony will be held on the 26th of this month with the decision of the families, Altuntaş said that they will decide the engagement at that time.

Altuntaş, a journalist, "Are you going to do the wedding on the tram?" "We want to have an early but normal wedding yet to say it," he answered his question.



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