Van light rail system project feasibility studies continue

Governor Murat Zorluoğlu met with the headmen from the municipality of Tusba Municipality.

During the meeting held in the meeting hall of Tusba Municipality, Governor Zorluoğlu, who listened to the problems of the village headmen in the first hand, gave the necessary instructions to the managers and other officials who attended the meeting by taking notes, requests and suggestions individually.

Governor Zorluoğlu said that they intend to reduce the traffic density in the city center with the connection roads, intersections and underpasses in the city center except for the solution of the ring road. The feasibility study for the light rail system on the agenda of the province is being carried out within the municipality. This work will be completed in two months. The results will be shared with the public when it is completed Tamam.

Günceleme: 18/12/2018 17:22

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