Vip Bus Terminal Tender Time

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is going to tender in August for a special designed neighborhood garage which will serve in the tourism sector of Selçuk.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, one of Turkey's well-known tourist locations listed and Ephesus, the Virgin Mary, which has significant wealth as Sirince in Selçuk, architecture, and it turns out to tender acclaim will collect neighborhood garage hardware. The tender date of the district garage, which was prepared as a special project that takes into consideration the tourist density of the district, both visually and functionally, was determined as 16 hours on August 10.00. The bids can be delivered to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Halkapınar Additional Service Building Construction Tenders Department Superstructure Construction Tenders Branch Directorate by hand or by registered mail until the tender date and time. If the tender specification available at.

Design wonder
The Selçuk District Garage project, which is prepared with a “user friendly” design approach and that will “meet all the needs of disabled people”, will be carried out on a 10 thousand square meter land in the İsabey District.

The new district garage that will be added to Selçuk will meet the transportation needs of the district with its 16 minibus and 15 bus platform. will fulfill.



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