TÜVASAŞ General Manager Kocaarslan: National Train production will start soon

TÜVASAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. President Toçoğlu, who visited İlhan Kocaarslan, stated that the National EMU Trains to be produced in Sakarya within the scope of the National Train Project will add a very important value to the city. Kocaarslan, together with all his stakeholders, is the leader of Sakarya and the country. kazanHe said they will work for it.

Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu Sakarya, Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) Director General Prof. Dr. He visited İlhan Kocaarslan. When Kocaarslan was appointed to the Metropolitan Municipality, President Toçoğlu reminded that “We wanted to make a return visit to them. From the moment they came to office, they were very important. I hope that we will achieve beautiful works for the development of our city together, İn he said.

The attack of nationalization
Underlining that TÜVASAŞ is an important institution that adds value to the economy of Sakarya, President Toçoğlu said, ca Our institution, which has been the face of our city for years, shows that it is always open to technological developments and innovations. He renews himself with the constantly developing technology. Our country is currently in great strides in the field of transportation as in all areas. Railways are the areas where the biggest breakthroughs have been made at this point. In addition, we are in a nationalization attack in all areas of technology. TÜVASAŞ will be the production center of National EMU Trains under the National Train Project. Trains to be produced by our country with the knowledge and labor of our own people will be on the tracks in our country and all over the world. In order to produce this train, I would like to congratulate everyone and Mr. Kocaarslan who carried out activities related to both the project and the production areas to be formed in the factory. Bu

Atiş established
Thanking President Toçoğlu for his visit, TÜVASAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. İlhan Kocaarslan, on the other hand, said, “The National EMU Project, which will be our national pride when it is completed, is within the scope of the ongoing National Train Project, and is carried out by our institution under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. In this context, we prepared the first design projects of the train wagons to be produced, including the wagon body, interior accessories and bogie. We started the tender processes by preparing the technical specifications of the main components such as air conditioning, brakes, doors, seat systems and wheel sets. The train sets we will produce will be TSI certified. We are currently establishing the Aluminum Body Production Workshop for the production of National Trains in our factory. Hopefully, we will start to produce our train as soon as possible. Together with the Metropolitan Municipality and all our stakeholders, Sakarya and our country kazanWe will continue to work with all our efforts to make it work.”

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  1. National train works should be in accordance with the more advanced technology. Now there are trains running with wind and solar energy .. We do not know the superiority of trains from the existing trains. It cannot work on the main KTB line.