Izmir Opera House offers 5 company offer in tender

5 company submitted a bid for the Izmir Opera House Tender: By Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka'Exit in the first stage of the tender for construction of a special building Turkey's first complete opera to be established. The second session of the tender, where 5 companies have offered, will be held in the coming days and the winning company will be determined.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality KarşıyakaThe first stage of the construction tender for the first building to be built specifically for opera art in the history of the Republic that it will establish in. According to the evaluations made by the Tender Commission, 5 offers and documents submitted by the willing company were read one by one. Following the evaluation of the Tender Commission, 2. the session will be closed and the firm will build the opera house.

The companies participating in the tender and the proposals are as follows;

1 · DOĞUŞ CONSTRUCTION ve TİC. A.Ş and ODAK İNŞ. ENG. MAD. SINGING. VE TİC A.Ş- business partnership: 385 million TL

2 · ERMIT ENGINEERING INS. SINGING. Ve TİC. LTD. ŞTİ and TACA İNŞ. ve TİC. LTD.ŞTİ business partnership: 328 million 800 thousand TL


4 · TBM LTD. Sti. and ALTINDAĞ LTD. Sti. and INTİM YAPI TİC. business partnership: 319 million 480 thousand TL

5 · KMB METRO INS. NAS NAS. SINGING. TIC. business partnership and NAS İNŞ. SINGING. TIC. Inc. CONSORTIUM: 314 million 747 thousand TL

Turkey will be the pupil

The opera house, which the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will start construction in the first months of 2017, will be among the few examples in Europe with its new art temple, architecture and technical equipment.

The opera house, which will be built in the area owned by the Metropolitan Municipality, whose project was determined by the National Architecture Competition in 2010, will be the first structure "exclusive to opera art" in the history of the Republic. Following the completion of the tender process, in the first months of 2017, the first digging in the construction works will be hit. After Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center, İzmir will have one of the most important art buildings in Europe.

Will bite finger with architecture

The Izmir Opera House will be at the forefront with its architectural features and technical equipment. The main hall and scenes with 1435 user capacity in this magnificent structure, small hall and stage with 437 audience capacity, rehearsal halls, opera section, ballet section, courtyard-open performance area with 350 audience capacity, workshops and warehouses, main service units, administration department, general facilities , technical center and 525 vehicle capacity will be located in the car park. The plant will have a construction area of ​​approximately 73 thousand 800 m².

Views of the Gulf

The front foyer of the building is designed as a social space that is kept open all day with its bookstore, opera shop, bistro and ticket office. On the road passing in front of the foyer parking lot, public transport stop, car and taxi pockets will be held. There will be two separate entrances from the street facing the sea and the street. After the ticket check, the cloakroom, lifts and the large staircase leading to the main foyer will be reached. The main foyer was planned as the place where the plane from the sea rose and entered the building. This section will be opened to the gulf view due to the visual closure of the distance between the sea and the sea.

Behind the stage, the flat foot will be a structured production area to the extent that the depth of the land allows. The offices, workshops, work and rehearsal rooms here will gather around a courtyard. In this section, which is fed by different inputs, inner atrium will be formed and socialization opportunities will be created for the employees.

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