Bus Linked Karaman YHT Cruise Hours

Konya, Ankara and Istanbul train schedules were reorganized.

Karaman -Konya YHT connections were rearranged. TCDD Transportation Corporation Directorate General of Passenger Transportation has determined the Karaman -Konya YHT connections which will be valid from the date of 29.07.2017. According to this; High-speed train service from Konya to Karaman in the morning, 09.00'dan starting time was targeted at 10.13. During the day, 10.35-13.30-15.25-16.45 and 21.45 will be available from Konya to Karaman.

Karaman -Konya YHT Connections, which will be valid as of 29.07.2017 date, can be accessed from the link below.

TCDD / Karaman -Konya YHT connections



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