'Conference Wagon' for industrialists and businessmen

Special conference wagon for industrialists and businessmen from TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş.

TCDD, which is the address of trust and comfort since its establishment, offers a special service to our industrialists and businessmen with the Conference Wagon.

The features of this unique wagon offered by TCDD Transportation are not your office.

Conference car that will meet your needs on your business trips is at your service with all facilities.

Features of the Conference Wagon offered by TCDD Tasimacilik

• 26 personality meeting table and seats,
• 21 Personality Business Class Seat Seat,
• Scaner-Fax-Color Printer-Copier Compact Device,
• Home theater system with DVD Player (Home Theater System)
42 ″ Plasma TV,
• FM Radio, (integrated with audio layout)
• 19 ″ LCD Monitor,
• Projector and screen,
• Conference System, (1 President + 13 Delegate Unit)
• 13 built-in broadcast loudspeaker,
• 2 5 + 1 sound system,
• Kitchen. (Microwave oven, tea stove and coolers)

You can get detailed information about 0 312 309 05 15 71911 71921 71931 XNUMX for Passenger Transportation Department for TCDD TRANSPORTATION.

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