MEB Abroad Will Be Sent

Ministry of National Education will appoint teachers abroad. Applications for the selection of teachers to be appointed abroad for the foreign language education of the Ministry of National Education began.

The Ministry of National Education will send teachers abroad to study English. According to the published workshop and laboratory teachers application guide who will be sent abroad to study English language, applications started on 17 July 2017. In this context, 70 teachers will be assigned abroad to study English.

The conditions of application are to be working under the Ministry of National Education as well as to be working for at least 3 years in the educational services class. In the schools and institutions connected to the General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education, applicants who work as field teachers, laboratory supervisors, laboratory teachers or laboratory supervisors can apply.

The applications of the contract teachers and the director and the deputy directors will not be accepted. In addition, the age of 45 is not to be completed. The YDS requirement is stated to have received at least 50 from YDS.

Ministry of Education, information technologies, biomedical device technologies, maritime, electric-electronic technology, industrial automation technologies, chemical technology, accommodation and travel services, machinery technology, metal technology, motor vehicle technology, rail systems technology, aircraft maintenance, transportation services, 70 teacher from the fields of renewable energy technologies and food and beverage services will send abroad.

Applications for teachers to be sent to MEB abroad will be taken between 17 July and 28 July 2017. Candidates will confirm the requested documents to the provincial directorates of the province and deliver them to the national education directorates by hand or by mail. Applicants will be interviewed after the application. CLICK HERE to reach more details.

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