Bursa defeats the bread on the cable car by defying death

Bursa's favorite tourist center, which provides access to the Uludag cable car entered the summer season before maintenance. Workers who climb to the poles at the height of 45 meters from the ground do their care by defying death at the point where an ordinary person will turn head.

The ropeway, which carries passengers between Bursa and Uludağ, is taken care of. Summer tourism season, the opening of the days before the tourists and the residents of Uludağ to be able to exit safely to the maintenance 14 days will continue. All cabins and stations are serviced by 20 units with 45 height between 45 and XNUMX meters, where high level security measures are taken and only trained and certified personnel are involved.

Following the completion of the periodical maintenance and test service, the line between Teferrüç and Sarıalan will be in service at the beginning of next week and the other line up to the Hotel Zone will be put into service at the beginning of next week. Teams working to defeat the citizens to serve as soon as possible, the teams will finish as soon as possible, he said. Normal people look at the height of the head to turn to dance at the height of the audience is amazed by the audience.

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