Women and children in EGO buses will be able to land between two stops in the evening

In EGO buses, women and children can land between two stops in the evening: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council, EGO buses, after a certain time in the evening, women and children between the two stops decided to make arrangements to land.

In the Municipal Assembly, chaired by Nail Çimen, the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, it was discussed to make arrangements in EGO buses according to the summer and winter seasons. In order to ensure the safety of women and children, even if they are small, necessary arrangements are made for women and children to get off at the point where they want between the two stops, taking into account the difference between summer and winter hours, in order to ensure the safety of women and children, even if small. resolved the report on the unanimously.

In the Assembly, a Presidential letter regarding the sale of 674 residences belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality, which was produced within the scope of Güneypark Urban Transformation and Development Project, was also discussed.

The Presidential letter, which requested the authorization to determine the prices of 674 houses belonging to the Metropolitan by the Municipal Valuation Appraisal Commission or the real estate appraisal firm licensed by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey, and to be sold in cash or in installments after the approval of the Municipal Committee, was resolved in the voting.

In the other Presidential letter submitted to the Parliament, the name and square meters of the 6 beverage buffets that were rented for 10 years through a tender at the Metro and Ankaray stations did not exceed 60 square meters. In the voting, it was decided that the name of the buffets should be “soft drinks and food buffets” and the size should not exceed 9 square meters.

At the meeting, in accordance with the report of the Law and Tariffs Commission, the 2017 tariff of the amusement parks was accepted. Accordingly, Youth Park, Wonderland Park, Demetevler Amusement Park and 50. It was unanimously decided to increase the entrance fee of 25 penny to 50 penny in the Year Lunapark.

"What do you think of when you say Ankara and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality?" It was also decided to organize a painting and poetry competition among elementary school students.



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