New Metro and Ankaray Lines Coming to the Capital

Ankara Metro Lines Stations
Ankara Metro Lines Stations

New Metro and Ankaray Lines are Coming to the Capital: The gospel of transportation in the capital is not stopping. Ankara Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna adds new ones every day to the transportation good news that will ease the capital traffic.

The new Metro and ANKARAY lines will be made in the capital, giving the good news of President Tuna, "Ankara by expanding the rail system, provide a serious relief in transportation," he said.

Stating that they are working for the granting of weight to public transportation rail systems in Ankara, Tuna stated that the works of Keçiören-Kızılay Metro line continued at full speed and announced the new Metro and ANKARAY line projects planned to be made:

  • Train-Siteler Kuyubaşı Subway Line
  • Metro Line from Yeni Etlik Hospital to Forum Ankara
  • Dikimevi Mamak Ankaray Line
  • Söğütözü METU Ankaray Line


President Tuna stated that they are taking care to implement new decisions by taking into consideration the demands of the capitalists and shared the following information on the new lines:

In Projects related to extension of new additional Metro lines and ANKARAY were also included in our government program. Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of the Republic of Turkey, made the first statement on this issue. Works on the project and construction of all lines continue. I think that if the projects are completed in the shortest time and the construction is started, there will be a serious relief in traffic flow thanks to the developing and increasing rail system in Ankara. En


Istek We have seen that our citizens' priorities are transportation and infrastructure, istek said President Tuna, who has been making intercom meetings with citizens and tradesmen since Ankara and met with the citizens and tradesmen. We started to work in accordance with these demands, Biz he said.

. The population growth is high in Ankara, which leads to new needs. Therefore, we will expand the rail system in Ankara for even more convenient transportation. Dolayısıyla

Ankara Metro and Ankaray Map

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