Smart City Platform Founded in Izmir

Smart City Platform was Established in İzmir: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has put the “Smart City Strategic Plan” on its agenda this time in planning studies that will shape the future of the city. As a first step, “Izmir Smart City Platform” was created with the representatives of district municipalities, Izmir Development Agency, Informatics Association, universities and professional organizations together with Metropolitan Municipality.

Standing out with its infrastructure investments for “Smart City” applications, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality took another important step on this road and created the “Izmir Smart City Platform”. The Platform, which is expected to play a very important role in the preparation of the "Smart City Strategic Plan", held its first meeting with the title "We are Taking Smart Steps for Izmir of the Future".

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Muzaffer Tunçağ said that İzmir has a great advantage in this area with the fiber infrastructure investments realized by the Metropolitan Municipality. Tunçağ said, “If there is no action on a subject, there is no vision; if there is no vision, the action remains dysfunctional. As İzmir, we will carry out both. I believe that this platform will accomplish great works in line with its vision of becoming a Smart City. ”

Izmir people will be included in the process
Hosting the meeting, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality IT Department Head Güler Sağı also drew attention to the strong infrastructure of Izmir. Stating that all stakeholders will prepare the city's 'Smart City Strategic Plan' with a common and creative mind, Sağı emphasized the importance of the participation of institutions and organizations in the way of becoming a Smart City and that the citizens are not included in the efforts and practices in line with this vision. non-woven applications are not sustainable. Our aim is to increase both our urban standards and the living standards of our citizens with Smart City Applications. ”

The conductor of the survey to shed light on the work of the Smart City Platform, Izmir Institute of Technology Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Koray Velibeyoğlu stated that the results that will emerge will make important contributions to the work of the platform. IZKA (Izmir Development Agency) Planning, Programming and Coordination Unit Specialist Soygun Can Oguz reminded that they started working with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2016 and determined that they aim to ensure their governance and improve their international cooperation with wide stakeholder participation.

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