There is a sign for the İZBAN pedestrian overpass in Torbalı.

There is a sign of the İZBAN pedestrian overpass in Torbalı, there is no work: After the arrival of the İZBAN Line in Torbalı, the closure of illegal passages that citizens used to cross was a disaster.

The residents of Cumhuriyet District had to use the overpasses in the Ertuğrul neighborhood or Torbalı center to be able to cross the road since both the overpass and the existing passages were closed.

They're walking for miles.

While the citizens had to walk for miles to their destination, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality drew attention to the signing of a pedestrian overpass to this area, although the overpass has not yet started.

“We don't want to suffer”

After the Torbalı İZBAN line, which was put into service on February 6, illegal passages around the railway line used by citizens were closed with iron. The lack of overpasses to cross the road increased victimization. Indicating that the overpass is an urgent need, Cumhuriyet Mahallesi residents said, “In order to go to work, school, shopping and the other side for daily needs, we have to walk to Ertuğrul Mahallesi or the gateway in Torbalı. The Metropolitan Municipality, which posted the "Work has begun" sign on the area where the gate will be built, has still not begun to work. It is not clear when to do it. We do not want to suffer this ordeal any more. We urgently want an overpass here, ”he said.

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