Public Transport Route to Diyarbakır New Settlement Areas

diyarbakirda mass transport holiday
diyarbakirda mass transport holiday

Public Transport Route to Diyarbakır's New Settlement Areas: Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to create public transportation routes in order to enable citizens to reach the city center from the new settlements more comfortably and in a shorter time, increased the number of vehicles on the airport route.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality is working for a more convenient and comfortable public transportation service. Providing public transportation services to the rural districts of the central districts, the Metropolitan Municipality initiated work on the public transport route in the new settlements at the request of the citizens. As a result of the studies, a route covering the new settlements of Kayapınar district was determined.

Kayapınar District Fırat Mahallesi The Metropolitan Municipality buses that will depart from Nazım Hikmet Street will follow the Yeniköy Cemetery in Bağlar district and will go to the districts of the hospitals in the district of Yenişehir. With the commencement of buses from 30 on May, citizens will be able to reach the city center in a more convenient and short time.

New Route (Z4): Firat Mahallesi - Nazim Hikmet Street - Ahmed Arif Street - Firat Bulvari (Lunapark) - Mahabad Boulevard - 75. Road - Maternity Hospital Junction - Tüvtürk Vehicle Inspection Station - Nevroz Park - Kamışlı Boulevard - Airport Junction - Zümrütkent - New Village Cemetery - Settlement Houses - Mufti - Medina Boulevard - Police School vHatboyu Street - Oryil - Kosuyolu - Office .

Number of buses on airport route increased

The Metropolitan Municipality increased the number of vehicles in order to enable citizens to reach the airport more comfortably and quickly. The number of vehicles on the airport route, which is served with 7 vehicles during the day and 3 vehicles at night, has been increased to 8 for day trips and to 4 for night flights. Vehicles that will work with the Z2 code will start serving on May 30, 2017.

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