Free Shuttle Service to Hot Springs in Diyarbakır

diyarbakirda hotline services
diyarbakirda hotline services

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality has started a free shuttle service in order to facilitate access to the healing hot springs in Çermik District and to support health tourism.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, which provides transportation services to rural neighborhoods, has solved many problems in the city with the new vehicles it has added to its fleet and has provided transportation to the thermal springs in Çermik District and provided a free shuttle service to contribute to tourism.

In addition to domestic and foreign tourists arriving in the city, citizens who reside in Diyarbakir will also be able to benefit from a free service at the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). 02 March 2019 On Saturday, 1 will start with 11.00 bus, while 17.00 will depart from Diyarbakir and exit from Çermik in XNUMX. The vehicle's route is as follows:

Batı District Garage - Maternity Hospital - Ceylan AVM - Kantar - Facilities - Ninova AVM - Seyrantepe - Elazığ Road - Çermik Hot Springs.

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