Investments in Railways Will Increase in 2015

Investments in Railways Will Increase in 2015: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan stated that they will focus on railway investments in 2014, as in 2015, at the press conference where he evaluated 2015 and his ministry announced 2014 targets. 'In 2015, railway investments are at the top of the list of top priorities,' said Elvan.
Elvan, while giving information about the railway projects, noted that they went to the tenders of the Afyon-Uşak section on the Ankara-İzmir line, and that the evaluation studies are going on at the moment, that in the new year, there will be three tenders from Turgutlu to İzmir. He stated that the project preparation works until the section until. Stating that they will be put out to tender when these studies are completed, Elvan said, 'We are speeding up the Ankara-İzmir line'. Elvan stated that they will complete the Konya-Karaman line in 2015, and that they will perform the tender of the Istanbul-Edirne high-speed train line and they will start the construction of the Mersin-Adana high-speed train line. Providing information about the rail system works in the cities, Elvan stated that the test drives in the Keçiören subway in Ankara will start in June and said, 'Our goal is to open the Keçiören line in 2015'. Stating that they aim to make a 1,000 km divided road next year and they will make a single road of 850 km, Elvan said, 'We are aiming to finish the Ovit Tunnel, again we are completing the Cankurtaran Tunnel'.
Elvan also gave information about the work in the airline field and stated that in 2014, a 15 percent increase in aircraft traffic was achieved and the number of domestic passengers increased by 13 percent. Stating that an intensive activity will be carried out next year to build new airports and complete the maintenance of the existing ones, Elvan said, 'We are aiming to build a new airport in the Thrace region. Studies on this matter are continuing, 'he said. Touching on the space and satellite field, Elvan reminded that the construction of the Turksat 6A satellite has started, and that the 2015B satellite will be launched into space in the first half of 4. Reminding that there are important developments in the maritime sector and the infrastructure tender of Filyos port was announced, Elvan announced that the construction works of this port will begin in 2015 and we will enter the tender process for the construction of the container port for Mersin.
Noting that Turkey's significant progress in terms of mobile technologies Elven couple times, that the number of mobile subscribers reached 72 million and 99.9 percent of Turkey's stated that within the coverage area. Stating that one of the most important targets in the field of telecommunication is to develop the fiber cable infrastructure, Elvan said, 'We have reached 240,000 km in the fiber cable infrastructure, but our main target in this field is to reach 1 million km'. Stating that they have completed the technical level studies for 4G technology, Elvan said, "Our goal is to be able to hold this tender in the first quarter of 2015".

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