The public bus tradesmen in Sakarya news

Sakarya public bus trades heralded news: Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department President Fatih Pistil, Private Public Bus trades announced that the monthly income support payments for free travel continues. Pistil said, “533 thousand pounds of support trades for September and October were reached. Good luck. ”

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Fatih Pistil, Private Public Bus trades in return for free travel monthly income support payments announced continued. Pistil, who made explanations on the subject, said, aylık The monthly income support payments for free public travel to our Private Public Bus tradesmen continue. In this context, 533 thousand pounds of support trades belonging to September and October reached the accounts. May it be good..

Payments in progress
Stating that support payments made for free travel to Private Public Bus trades continue, Pistil said, olarak Finally, 2016 has reached the accounts of our 533 thousand TL support trades for September and October. As is known, payments were launched in April 2015. So far, total of 5 million 737 thousand TL has been paid to our tradesmen ”.

Working license is required
Pistil, Bakanlığı Within the framework of the legislation regulated by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies 65 over the age of disabled, martyrs and veterans are granted free travel right. In return, the monthly 750 TL support payment is made to the Private Public Bus operators who have a working license. As it is known, our tradesmen who do not have a working license cannot benefit from this right according to the legislation. We expect sensitivity from our tradesmen to obtain a working license so that they do not suffer any loss of rights ”.

Call for sensitivity
Fatih Pistil, “We also expect our craftsmen to show sensitivity to the citizens who use the right of free travel provided by law. If this right is not exercised, we are obliged to carry out transactions as required by the legislation. We wish our citizens who use this right to take into consideration the status of our tradesmen ”.

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