Eurasia Tunnel Pass Fee Will Be Paid From The Website

Eurasia Tunnel Passing Fee Can Be Paid on the Website: The Eurasia Tunnel, which connects the Asian and European continents with a two-storey highway tunnel passing under the sea floor for the first time, makes life easier with its advanced technology as well as its contribution to transportation. Drivers using the Eurasia Tunnel, if they do not have sufficient balance in their HGS / OGS accounts, are not included in any automatic payment system and make a violation transfer fee, You can easily pay at.

Avrasya Tunnel, which has reduced the journey time between 5 and 31 to 2017 on Kumkapı and Koşuyolu route, started to provide 07.00 hours service on 24 January XNUMX. The Eurasia Tunnel, which provides a fast, safe and comfortable transportation alternative on the route with the most intense traffic in Istanbul, continues to introduce drivers with innovations that make life easier.

The fear of violations and violations ends

Transition fees of the Eurasia Tunnel, which provides fast and safe opportunities in both transportation and payment, are now implemented with a new application in the highway sector. can be done at. Drivers who do not have sufficient balance in their HGS / OGS accounts, are not included in any automatic payment system, and have a violent transition; learn tolls with license plate, ID or tax numbers. Drivers will be able to safely and quickly pay the toll on their website via credit card without going to banks and authorized institutions.

Accessible through computers, mobile phones, tablets and mobile devices can be accessed through the system with the drivers, learning the transition information, the criminal process to prevent the application.

Only 5 intercontinental journey per minute

The Eurasia Tunnel, which serves between the D100 Highway on the Asian side and Kennedy Street on the European side, has reduced the travel time on this route to a minimum. Thanks to the route that has been streamlined by the improvement of the connection roads, those who use the tunnel complete the intercontinental journey in approximately 5 minutes. The Eurasia Tunnel is getting more and more attention with its 24 hour service.

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