50 percent of Samsun Logistics Center is completed

50 percent of Samsun Logistics Center has been completed: Approximately 45 percent of Samsun Logistics Center, with a budget of 50 million Euros, has been completed. International industry, trade and logistics center will take place in the company, is scheduled to open in the third quarter of this year. In the logistics village, which is expected to make a contribution of 200 million dollars to exports, 3 thousand people will be offered jobs.

One example of a project that will make the logistics base in Turkey is rising in Samsun. Samsun Logistics Center, where the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology is the 'Operating Structure', is getting ready to start operating with the European Union project with a budget of about 45 million Euros. Regional Competitiveness giant projects carried out over an area of ​​680 thousand square meters under the operational program, international and strategic location of Turkey's opening to the world in the logistics sector with modern facilities management 'North Gate' will assume the role.


Approximately 2016 percent of the logistics center, whose construction work started in the second quarter of 50, was completed. The center, where four transportation infrastructures meet and attracts attention with new generation logistics services, is planned to open in the third quarter of this year. Bringing air, sea, land and rail networks together, the logistics village will also add value to the Black Sea Region as well as Samsun, which is on energy corridors.


Samsun Logistics Center, whose first phase of 80 thousand square meters will be completed in August; When at full capacity to provide employment services to about 3 thousand people. Center; Russia will contribute greatly to the logistics industry and the country's economy in bilateral transportation traffic to Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Central Asian Turkic Republics and Iran, especially the countries that have a coast to the Black Sea.


The Samsun Logistics Center, which will host more than 100 SMEs, will offer 185 thousand square meters of indoor space. There are also modern designed social reinforcement areas in the logistics center where there are private offices, broker buildings, free warehouses, bonded areas, container and TIR parks. The giant structure, which will serve 7/24, is connected to all ports and main railways. The central building, which is 8 kilometers from the airport, will speed up transit transports by road contact.


The center, where international industry, trade and logistics companies will be located, will serve all ports in Samsun and Black Sea. In Samsun, it is aimed to open sea-air ports directly to international freight flows. The logistics village will be the center of transit loads; 200 is expected to contribute more than million dollars to exports by accelerating the processes in trade.

Will revive the Silk Road

Regarding the content and purpose of the project Yeni ŞafakTalking to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, Turkey said that they build the first logistics center in real sense. Noting that they aim to manage the movement of goods faster, Mayor Yılmaz said, "In order to provide the service cheaper and to provide quality, we will put into use a center that includes all modes of transportation in order to gain an advantageous position in international trade." Underlining that their aim is to revive the old Silk Road and relieve the ports of Marmara, Yılmaz said: “We plan to create a cost advantage. Turkey in the north, the east-west and linking it to the south, the CIS countries and open corridor from Europe to Africa, from the Black Sea to these countries and we aim to again cheaper than the cargo flow to Russia. "

Source : I www.yenisafak.co

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