Rail System Traffic in Samsun

Rail System Traffic in Samsun is Entrusted to the Female Operator: The tram line in Samsun is managed by 10 personnel from the Traffic Management Control Center. There are 30 stops on the 36-kilometer tram line operated by Samulaş, and it is served with 76 vehicles with 25 watts serving. All traffic operations on the tram line and maintenance and cleaning operations of tram vehicles are carried out in the Control Center by 2 operators, 10 of whom are women.

Women operators, 1 mother Tugba Tüysüz, 6 said that this work has been done for years, said.
The Traffic Management Control Center, 24 is a place that runs hours, a continuous team day and night. We follow all kinds of traffic and trains such as the traffic operation of the trams, maintenance and cleaning of the tram cars at night. From here, the distance between all trams is controlled by the control center, when they will move, where they will stand and what direction they go. 12 is the control center where we are responsible for all the traffic that belongs to us. The patrons are acting according to our instructions. Tugba Tüysüz said that his job is very big responsibility, of course, as in all jobs have difficulties in this business, you have all the responsibility, the delay in the movement of trains, the time intervals of trains in the arrangement can not detect the time when passengers are experiencing difficulties. It's hard to work as a lady and a mother, but you're interested in traffic, I love my job.

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