Ankara Metro, Ankaray and Buses will be forgotten on sale items

Ankara Metro, Ankaray and Buses will be forgotten in the Sale of Goods: General Directorate of EGO, Metro, Ankaray and buses, forgotten or dropped items, will be sold by auction on Saturday, 25 February.

On the buses of Metro, Ankaray and EGO, passengers again forgot their interesting items. The missing items that are not owned by the EGO General Directorate will be auctioned in February at 25.

It is a reasonable and usual way to forget or to put down items of relatively small items such as wallets, glasses, gold necklaces, cell phones, umbrellas, books, school bags, hats, etc. on public transport vehicles traveling over Ankara by 1 every day. machine, drill, equipment used in the workplace until the larger-sized objects to be forgotten, created amazement.

Including last year, including the 5 538 5 272 XBasic 136 and 58 dollars, including the officials expressed the authorities, "found at the beginning of the wallet with the 35 pieces. This includes the 1 mobile phone, and the third is the 3 glasses and sunglasses. XNUMX television and XNUMX cameras were also found on the buses. The drill and the bike are among the forgotten things. Mat


After completing their daily voyages, officials of the rail vehicles in the regional directorates of the buses were collected in the centers and stated that the cleaning was done.

, Items that are forgotten or dropped by the passengers during the daily routine cleaning and maintenance of the vehicles are detected and recorded by drivers and movement officers. In the same way, the goods found in the cleaning of the railcars, which are the vehicles of rail systems, are kept and delivered to those concerned. Aynı

-We are trying to reach the owner

The officials who stated that the owners of the forgotten belongings, who had been handed over to the EGO Lost Goods Office, were tried to be reached first, said that the items that could not be found were declared and listed in the daily period of the EGO General Directorate aya lost goods ın in 15. Authorities, in no way by the owner of the goods are stored by EGO for 1 year after year, they emphasized that the auction method.

Authorities shall have contact information on the items found; They have been contacted directly by the Lost Property Office and told that the goods were delivered to their owners.

To view the current list of lost property Click here


Authorities lost their belongings directly to the EGO Lost Property Office stating that the authorities, thanks to announcements each year to begin to accumulate less than the articles reported.

Authorities, 1 years can not be found by the owner of the goods, by EGO 25 February Saturday in the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will be offered for sale by auction will be added.

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