Ordu Boztepe Ropeway 6 3 Million People Moved Per Year

Army Boztepe Ropeway 6 3 Million People Carry a Year: 530 m in Ordu, 3 rugged the city center to facilitate access to the cable car, since its inception on the XNUMX more than a million passengers carrying records broke. President Enver Yılmaz said, ulaşım The ropeway was a great convenience for Boztepe, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations of our city. Boztepemiz is, we will bring the case to an appropriately Turkey's tourism attractions and mission, "he said.


It is possible to reach Boztepe in approximately 7 minutes, with a unique view and connected to the Metropolitan Municipality ORBEL A.Ş. The cable car that was operated by 6 has left 3 over a million passengers a year and broke a record among its peers. The guests had the chance to watch the unique view of Ordu on a cable car. In 2016, the ropeway contributed greatly to the tourism of the province of Ordu with its passenger on the 750 bin.

We will pass the adventure to adventure

Underlining that the cable car has an important place in the tourism potential of the Army, President Yılmaz said that they are working to increase the attraction areas of Boztepe. 530 in order to facilitate transportation between the city center and 2.350 m height 28 ropeway lift in the province of Ordu proves that contribute to the development of the Army Enver Yilmaz said, ı Boztepe domestic and foreign guests to spend more time here and to be able to spend a variety of activities We will implement the 'Adventure Park' project. Outside the adventure park, there will be many investments such as the 30 bungalow house, the looking terrace and the ladder project, which is the longest ladder in the world. With these investments to be made, Boztepe will become the center of tourism and attraction of our country Yap.


Mayor Yilmaz said, gr In the adventure park, there will be different activities for every age group, such as a network track for young children and a rope course for adults. Boztepe, where there will be plenty of adrenaline in the presence of the city, will be more popular with its cable car and paragliding. The platform will be fixed with fixed posts or steel structures on trees suitable for use in the park without damaging the nature and the tree trunks. It will include activities such as climbing wall, jump platform, zipline. İçinde


Due to the high interest of the cable car, maintenance work was also taken out. . 2016 Operating Hours Maintenance N was carried out in the 22.500 year of the regular, daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance works. With the maintenance done, it is ensured that visitors using the ropeway travel more safely.

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